Wednesday, February 5, 2014

God, I Just Want To Bang My Head Into a Wall

So, I thought it was about time to check in on Operation American Spring, the sponsors of the forthcoming May 16th March on Washington to Overthrow the Communist Government. In case you're interested, they are now predicting a turnout of 10,000,000.  The last March on Washington to Overthrow the Communist Government, you may remember, drew 130, but they are expecting 9,999,870 more to turn up this time.  Well, anyway, while on the site, I found this video featuring one Joseph S. Perna, who is apparently one of the leaders of the upcoming march.  I have to say that Mr. Perna's demeanor and what he has to say exemplify the American right more than almost anything I have ever seen in my decades of following them.  If you really want to know what they are all about, you could do no better than to watch a little of this video.  I am serious about this- here they are, openly displaying their nature.  Give it a try and see how much you can take:

Well, there it is.  What more can I say?


Infidel753 said...

Curious thing about that video -- it almost sounded like he was calling for the nuclear assassination of the President and other high officials. I wonder if the Secret Service would be interested, especially since Mr. Perna is involved in a movement aiming to overthrow the government.

Green Eagle said...

I think you're right, but I see similar things every day on right wing websites.

Anyway, just be thankful that I resisted the urge to show you a video of this guy singing a "patriotic" song he wrote. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment.

the yellow fringe said...

I couldn't watch but 30 seconds of that, then jumped to the middle, then out.

Jerry Critter said...

The stupidity of his comments hurt my head, and that was only from the first minute. I couldn't take it any longer.

Magpie said...

I watched it all and it was great.

Check out the comments:

“Then take Pope Francis, Queen Elizabeth II, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Ben Bernanke, Henry Kissinger, Hitlery Clinton, Hu Jintao, Kim Jong-Un, Bashar Al-Assad and put them in the Center of Vatican Square and call in air strike number two. The majority of the worlds problems solved.”

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicated last year. Just a technicality, but otherwise I had no idea she was such a threat to God-fearing commie-hating Americans. I'm sure glad there's people like this around, who love Jesus, to set me straight.

Paul Avery said...

Now, now, people, the severe mentally handicap should be allowed to grift, too.