Friday, November 15, 2013

Wingnut Wrapup

Sher Zieve, Renew America:  "Obama says no more more choice"

Aah, Sher, one of our favorites here.  Giving people healthcare equals no more healthcare.  And, as the Red Queen might have said, if you can buy into that one, they can sell you anything.

And a little bit more insanity from Renew America:

Tabitha Korol, Renew America:  "Ask any American to write the date (of Kristallnacht), and he'll write November 9 or 11/9. Ask any European to write the same date and he will write 9 November or 9/11. You see, the rest of the world always puts the day first, followed by the month; therefore, the date was 9/11. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was and Islamists are generally great admirers of Hitler and both cultures assign particular significance to special seasons and anniversaries. Kristallnacht began on November 9 (written as 9/11) and the World Trade Center was bombed by Islamists on 9/11. I suspect this was not a coincidence, but a deliberate choice."

Yeah, Tabitha, but if the date of Kristallnacht was 9-11, then the date of the World Trade Center bombing would be 11-9.  So, when you think about it...Oh, wait a minute.  Forget it.  What's the use?

Michael Bresciani, Renew America:  "ObamaCare is now sliding or perhaps slithering into home plate and has finally gotten the attention of most Americans.  So what could an old preacher possibly have to say about ObamaCare; isn't it totally out of his purview and field of expertise?"

Well, you've got a point there, Michael.  You really have nothing to say about Obamacare.  That didn't stop you though, did it?  Luckily for Green Eagle's readers, we can pretty well ignore the ignorant nonsense you had to spew out on the subject.  We've heard it a hundred times before.  The only difference with you is that you demean the God you claim to admire by tying his name to your hate filled garbage.

Michael Gaynor, Renew America:  "Obama lied, millions of insurance policies died" sad.

Bob Unruh, World Net Daily:  "Americans 'collecting torches, pitchforks' over feds' arrogance"

Torches and pitchforks.  Well, that will certainly be a comfort to them.

Jeffrey T. Brown, American Thinker:  " 'Pretty Good at Killing'   So said Caligula, so said Tamerlane, so said Stalin. And now it's our turn."

Actually, Jeffrey, I don't remember any of those guys saying that they were "pretty good at killing."  You just made that up.  I guess you are just "pretty good at lying."

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "WATCH: George W. Bush Thanks Our Veterans"

Why?  Why would I subject myself to that?  The guy who sent 5,000 of them to meaningless deaths is now going to "thank"  them?  For what?  Maybe for not tearing him to shreds.

Alan Caruba, Renew America:  "Calls for a president's impeachment are commonplace. I have written in the past that Obama was likely unimpeachable on the constitutional grounds of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.  Even so, I increasingly believe that Obama should be impeached."

Of course you do, Alan.  Why?

"I think impeachment is needed because we face three more years of Obama's presidency"

And if right wingers can't win elections, they're happy to settle for a coup.  That's Democracy, Republican style, folks.

Dennis Prager, Town Hall:  "In my last column, I proposed some explanations for why many conservative parents have left-wing children. "

Sadly, I missed that column, but how about this explanation:  they aren't as stupid as their parents.  That seems to pretty much sum it up for me.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "GOT INSURANCE? LET’S GET LAID… New O-Care Ad Pushes Women to Be Sluts"

THE HORROR!  Get the smelling salts- I'm going to faint!  In any event, I think Obama may have hit on the perfect way to get more males to support him.

World Net Daily EXCLUSIVE:  "Feds deploy microphones to record conversations"

What do you expect them to use, dimwit, a salami?

Michelle Malkin, Town Hall:  "Bros and Hos: Obamacare's Bread and Circuses"

Not racist at all.  No.  I just wanted to make that clear.

Bridget Johnson, PJ Media:  "A Texas Republican plans to introduce a resolution of Articles of Impeachment for Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday.  Rep. Pete Olson’s (R-Texas) office said this morning that “this was not a decision made lightly”

Having a little trouble competing with your fellow Texas public servants, Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert, are you, Pete?  Well, knock yourself out- stupidity and lying never hurt a Republican yet.  Particularly in Texas.

Stephen Stone, Renew America:  "Since the Constitution grants the President of the United States the power to pardon himself and all other officers of the U.S. government for any crimes, misdemeanors, malfeasance, or treason they may be guilty of, Barack Hussein Obama can't be held accountable for his destructive, unlawful misdeeds through legal action.  Instead, the Constitution provides that a tyrannical president can be stopped ONLY THROUGH IMPEACHMENT AND REMOVAL BY CONGRESS...We the People thus have only one viable option, short of insurrection or sedition, for ending the president's reign of tyranny: IMPEACH and REMOVE the man"

An excellent summary- only one minor thing is missing: what he has done to deserve impeachment (other than winning a second term.)  Stephen never does get around to explaining that, of course, since we all know that no Democrat has a right to be President, and particularly a, uh, Blah one.  So, it is the duty of Congress to remove him.  I hope you can comprehend this unshakeable Republican logic.  Here's some more of Stephen's constitutional scholarship:

"The Founders intended impeachment to be a "NATIONAL INQUEST" that would openly expose destructive behavior by corrupt public officials before it's too late to stop them. Just the impeachment process alone — with its wide-open, unhindered hearings — is capable of sufficiently alerting the American public to conspiring designs and insidious actions by those who pose a risk to the nation's safety and security.

The hearings themselves make impeachment proceedings invaluable, because they serve to educate the people. In the case of Barack Obama, who has escaped any real accounting for his duplicitous, deceitful, media-protected lies and deceptions over many years, impeachment would put a halt to all that, and countless Americans of all persuasions (except the president's diehard collaborators) would be inclined to get out their pitchforks."

Well, leaving out the fact that not that many Americans really have pitchforks these days, it's really interesting to me to learn that impeachment is not really about removing the President for high crimes, but it is intended to be a NATIONAL TEMPER TANTRUM INQUEST in which people like Darryl Issa can smear Obama so badly that he cannot carry out the duties he was elected to pursue.  Well, give it a try, guys and see where it gets you- the rest of us are really tired of all the tough talk with no action.

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "The bigots and bullies of secular fundamentalism will yammer on about the separation of church and state, and the horrors of recognizing Christmas in public settings, as if democracy itself will be shattered if anybody so much as mentions the name of the Prince of Peace let alone sings a song or two in his honor.  Well, they can save their breath, for Christmas is clearly, flatly, unequivocally and unambiguously constitutional.

In fact, Christmas itself is in the Constitution."

In the part written in invisible ink only perceivable to Conservatives, like the part about the second amendment being there so citizens can shoot police and soldiers if they think that is a good idea, or the part about corporations being people.

Heather Ginsberg, Town Hall:  "62% Say Clinton was a Better President than Obama"

I'll tell you what, Heather.  Get back to me when you find out what percentage say Bush was a better President than Obama.  That'll be interesting.


Magpie said...

“the rest of the world always puts the day first, followed by the month”

Not when talking about September 11 we don’t.

“bigots and bullies of secular fundamentalism”

The terrible people who insist on reason, proof, evidence, facts.

“Christmas itself is in the Constitution”

If only like the ghosts of sanity passed and asylum future.

Paul Avery said...

“Christmas itself is in the Constitution”
Why, yes. And the Beatles are in the Book of Revelation.

ez said...

Just wanted to go on record: I really look forward to Wing Nut Wrap Up (could also be described as Wing Nut Wap-up) and it never fails to deliver grins.


Green Eagle said...

Thanks. Although, I have to confess that, if you tried to do it yourself, you'd find that they make it all too easy for me.