Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Revolution Marches On

You don't think I'm done beating up on the right wingers for their staggering failure yesterday, do you?  Not if you know Green Eagle you don't.  So, let's dive right in.

World Net Daily featured an amazing article today about the start of their revolution, with many pictures, not one of which showed the "crowd" of 100 that showed up, for some reason.  In fact, they seem to have not one second thought or feeling of shame at falling so far short of their prediction that millions would attend.  However, it did have some comments about the event:
"Crowd declares '2nd Revolution' outside White House
Calls for Obama's resignation: 'We the People have had enough!'

A George Washington impersonator read from the stage a revised Declaration of Independence composed by organizers. "Mister Obama and his collaborators," the man declared, should be personally responsible for the national debt."
That must have been quite something.  Here's more of what happened, from an article at U.S. News:
"Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman, who emceed the event, told attendees if President Barack Obama does not resign by Nov. 29, conservative activists will meet in Philadelphia to elect a shadow government.

"We've got God on our side," Klayman said. "He's going to make sure we win this revolution."

"In the end [Obama] will feel the force of the American people, just like King George did," he said to applause.

The forthcoming convention in Philadelphia, Klayman said, will be organized within the next several weeks. A so-called "government in waiting" will be elected there, including a president, representatives and a cabinet, he said."
I just can't wait to see who they pick for their new President, etc.  That will be quite something.  And I'm so glad that God is on their side, seeing as how no American citizens seem to be.

Here are a couple of random comments from the World Net Daily article:
"We need the same thing today. Instead of a protest in a park or a one on the street via a permit granted by the government, we need a large protest on the street, in front of the White House, without a permit, where throngs of people simply sit down and refuse to move until Obama resigns"
 Yeah, that's what you needed, knucklehead.  Where were they?  I thought they were supposed to show up yesterday.  Oh well, maybe next time.
"150,000,000 Patriots with 300,000,000 AR-15s and 300,000,000,000 rounds of 5.56mm Ammo will kill a lot of Traitors."
You bet!  Half the population of the United States is going to go out there and start shooting at  the army, when they couldn't even get 100 people to show up for their demonstration.  300 million AR-15's will do the trick, particularly considering that the entire world production of M-16's since the Vietnam war is about 8 million.  And 300 billion rounds of ammo!  (the U.S. military seems to use about 1.8 billion a year.)  Based on current prices, that ought to set the patriots back about $130 billion dollars.  They should be able to pay for that easily, with the tax cuts they get by cutting all those poor kids off of food stamps.  This idea seems to be practical to some of the wingnuts though:

"...there are billions of private guns, registered and unregistered, to counter that. Our only problem is that their guns are bigger and they would be able to attack from the air.
We could storm their stockpile of ammo."
Yeah, they could just take the ammo from the government.  That will work just fine for their billions of imaginary guns.  What a bunch of infantile idiots.  


Jerry Critter said...

Feeling shame or having second thoughts? It takes intelligence to feel shame or have second thoughts. These people have none.

Infidel753 said...

This is almost beyond belief. Surely there's some point beyond which pretension and self-delusion cross the border into literal insanity?

Christian said...

I chuckled when I read this. "And I'm so glad that God is on their side, seeing as how no American citizens seem to be."

You are right the need all the help they can get.As there cause is imaginary its good there support is as well.

uzza said...

WTF? "150,000,000 Patriots with 300,000,000 AR-15s"?
One in each hand apparently.