Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Well, They Sort of Have a Point

"Republican Governors Association: Christie Win Shows GOP Can Win In Every State"

Yeah, all they have to do is nominate someone marginally sane.

Don't hold your breath, guys.


Magpie said...

Or someone who will pass the media's scrutiny (hah) and can be sold as marginally sane.

Romney seemed marginally sane.

He also seemed soulless, which shows the limit of the Right's ability to present itself as being sane. They haven't quite got the trick yet.

Hope they never do.

Green Eagle said...

Well, that's where they are: if you believe the malicious nonsense they push, you aren't really in touch with reality, and if you don't believe it, but advocate it solely out of self interest, you are soulless.

Soulless or deranged- you pretty well summed them up.