Monday, November 4, 2013

Why Insurance Companies Should Be Crushed, Not Regulated

The latest phony horror story about Obamacare concerns one Dianne Barrette, who is about to lose her current insurance policy because of Obamacare.  Dianne was on CBS moaning about losing her current plan and being forced into a more expensive one, and then has made her way all over the media.  “What I have right now is what I’m happy with,” Barrette said, demanding to know why she couldn't keep it.

Well, here are some of the details of what Dianne's current "insurance" plan covered:

Hospitalization:  Nothing
Prescriptions:  $15.00
Doctor's appointments:  $50.00
Outpatient services:  $50.00 for the following: mammography, osteoporosis screening, diabetes self-management, and complications from pregnancy- other than that, forget it.  If you need an MRI, for example, which can cost thousands- you're on your own.

Sad to say, my family has had some experience with health care costs over the last few years.  If you can't figure it out for yourself, let me tip you off to a little secret.  This is not health insurance.  Regardless of how little this deluded woman pays for this plan, it is nothing but a hideous racket which is bilking her out of money without any intent of ever providing her with real benefits in return.  It is a product of criminals, preying on the innocent and helpless, not health care professionals.

We hear every day how the "free market" can do a far better job than the government of dealing with this monstrous problem.  But the free market and the insurance companies have had a century to do that, and they have never done a damned thing which they were not forced to do, and they never will.

These people need to have their companies crushed out of existence.  They are monsters, feasting off of our lives, and we should not feel a second of regret at destroying them. 


Jerry Critter said...

What she has is not an insurance plan. It is a way to givve money to insurance companies for STUPID people.

Green Eagle said...

Of course, that is largely what all insurance is about these days- how much can we take from you and how little can we give in return, so our CEO's can be billionaires while you sicken and die.

I once read Paul Krugman saying that five percent of the entire gross national product of the United States is spent in efforts to deny insurance claims. Think about that for a moment.