Saturday, November 9, 2013

How To Tell a Real Woman Foreign Reporter from a Fox News-Style One

Real- Christianne Amanpour:

 Fake-Lara Logan, of the recent Benghazi humiliation:

Get the difference?

Hint for the slow learners:  If you can't imagine Walter Cronkite wearing something like they are, be a tiny bit suspicious.

Bigger hint:  Real reporting is not done with your breasts.  Get it now?


Magpie said...

Yeah but I like boobs, and reporters are allowed to wear evening dresses, and I don’t think Cronkite ever wore lipstick and earrings. At least not in public.

The Benghazi (yawn) thing was a journalistic stuff-up, but as you said in your previous post, not as egregious a crime as some of the Right wing propaganda that circulates apology-free.

You don’t have to be blonde and booby to be a shit reporter, either some of the time or all of the time. Let’s not play the FOX hire policy in reverse.

Green Eagle said...

Magpie, I don't give a damn about Lara Logan and her breasts. My comment was about networks that distract from dishonest reporting by using cheap sexuality. This has been standard working procedure at Fox news for years, and now it is apparently becoming acceptable at CBS.

Just one more step in the hollowing out of the American media, until we are so ignorant and misled that we will believe any lie we are fed.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Okay childishness aside, I think it's clear that Logan is suffering from PTSD. Mostly, stemming from her sexual assault in Egypt but probably with contributing factors from her assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Her neoconservative warmonger cheerleading and anger at Obama over Benghazi most likely stems from her mistreatment and anger over whats happened to her.

I'm saddened that events turned her this way. But, I'm not going to bash her because I think she needs help and the fact that a solid year of research and reporting did not help her catch the obvious lies being peddled to her.

Green Eagle said...

Again, it is not Lara Logan that I am trying to comment about. It is one thing to sell consumer products by using sex, but it is another thing when these huge corporations start selling lies by clouding people's minds with irrelevant sexuality. Fox news has almost entirely given itself over to this sleazy behavior, but no rational person expects any more from them. Now, I guess, it is spreading to networks that people are expected to take seriously.

Logan and her associates claim to have worked for a year on a story which was demolished by independent observers in two weeks. And it was not a random story- it was a hit piece designed to damage Obama and Hillary Clinton. Am I supposed to believe that this is all some sort of accident? Sorry, in light of history, I can't swallow that.