Friday, October 26, 2012

Your Mainstream Press- CNN Edition

I couldn't resist stealing this screen shot from Daily Kos. It says so much about the mainstream press' collaboration with the Repubicans in pushing their narrative:

I have insisted for years that the press' endless adoption of the Republican position was not, as most other left-of-center commenters insist, some sort of psychological phenomenon, or the result of right wing intimidation, but was the logical result of Ronald Reagan's deregulation of the industry, which allowed the great majority of press outlets to be owned by the very wealthy. 

Here, by the way, is how CNN justifies their claim:  The true uncertainty of both figures, they argue, is about two percent, so if Romney got the absolute maximum possible and Obama got the absolute minimum, they would be just barely tied.  Of course, what CNN and others fail to tell you is that it is not equally likely for, say, Romney to get 44% or 46% or 48%; the farther from the centerpoint you get the less likely it is to be the correct figure.  There is a very, very small possibility that Romney and Obama could both be getting 48% and therefore be tied, but it is enough for CNN and the execrable former Pat Robertson employee Wolf Blitzer to hang their hats on.  They're not worried about ruining their reputations; those have been in tatters for years among those who care about the truth.


Grung_e_Gene said...

CNN is just acknowledging the Rapepublican voter supression and electronically stolen vote phenomenon which will transfer 5% or so to Mitt.

Dave Dubya said...

The corporate media swine are spinning the election as close as possible. Ratings and campaign ad dollars are what really matter to them.

Green Eagle said...

Dave, I would agree with you, except that they never spin the election closer when a Republican is ahead. I'm sorry to be far more cynical than you, but I view the mainstream press in this country not as the Republicans' dupes, but as their collaborators.