Monday, October 15, 2012

Nothing Too Low

Here is the latest disgusting smear of Obama circulating on the Right today: 

"Obama wears a ring that says in Arabic, "There is no God but Allah." According to Glenn Beck's, he has confirmed through a Duke professor that the Arabic on Obama's ring says the first part of "Shahada": "There is only one God, Allah." This is the same president who will not salute the flag, and says our "Star-Spangled Banner" is too violent for him."

That, from Laurie Roth, one of the lunatic commentators at Renew America.  The story seems (surprise, surprise) to have started with the ever-nauseating Jerome Corsi at World Net Daily, who publishes the following picture:

Here's another photo showing an alleged view of the ring, which is circulating among the wingnuts:
Of course, within a day, this story has spread to numerous other right wing websites; Prison Planet, Free Republic, Conservativebyte, and on and on. 

Now, here is a clear picture of the ring, from Snopes:

Well, there you go.  I am going to make a declaration here:  As a motion picture art director, I am involved with the use of Photoshop on an almost daily basis, normally for the purpose of creating fake documents- magazine covers, driver's licenses, photographs, you name it- that appear on screen.  The "original" picture which right wingers are now screaming about was clearly modified using the clone tool, to give it a vague resemblance to some Arabic characters; a blur filter was then applied to hide the tampering. 

What a way to spend your time and effort.  Once again, there is nothing, not a single thing, that is too low for the right to propagate and then claim to believe.


Dave Dubya said...

And here I thought last Sunday his ring said, "I serve only my lord Satan".

He must have a set of different rings for each day of the week.

I understand his Friday ring says, "Marx lives".

Green Eagle said...

I heard it says something about "one ring to rule them all." but only when you hold it in the fire.