Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Chart

Here is an interesting chart of total U.S. debt load, from Felix Salmon at Reuters, which I found via the ever-pertinent Digby.  This is all debt, not just government debt:

As you can see, since the Republican destruction of the economy, debt has been falling fast- for the first time in a half century.

Salmon comments:

"There are lots of serious threats out there to the economic well-being and security of the United States, and the national debt is simply not one of them. Nor is it US debt to GDP was rising alarmingly until the crisis, but it has been falling impressively since then...

Money is cheaper now than it has been in living memory: the markets are telling corporate America that they are more than willing to fund investments at unbelievably low rates. And yet the CEOs are saying no. That’s a serious threat to the economic well-being of the United States: it’s companies are refusing to invest for the future, even when the markets are begging them to."

As usual, these entitled people demand a solution to problems that they create, by having everyone else pay the price.  How long will the American people and the mainstream press be suckered in by this self-serving, avaricious behavior?

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the yellow fringe said...

With many of the nations (actually multinational) companies setting on more cash than most Latin American countries are worth in total, and as you point out money being dirt cheap, it's amazing isn't it. Well Rmoney knew they could not stand to tread water another 4 years. As he said in the secret video, if elected the economy will improve even if I do nothing. And once those money guys start to act, the growth will pay down the deficit, but most importantly it will shrink as a percent of GDP. This morning the numbers show better growth, 2%. 2% is not bad when increased automation is reducing employment opportunities and so many corps. are setting out the quarter waiting for a GOP win.