Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Real Scandal of the Debate

From our darling little Katie Pavlich over there at Town Hall, who is the only one I've seen to uncover this abominable outrage:

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Michelle Obama Breaks Debate Rules, Claps Loudly For Husband"

The horror!!!!  This was actually going to be the start of a Wingnut Wrapup, but the comments to Katie's historic revelation were so great that I am going to focus on them for the rest of this post. Among them, was this all-time great:

"I gather Marie Antoinette was equally indifferent to the plight of the peasants. However, this is closer to the murder of General Gordon at Khartoum, or perhaps the Archduke Ferdinand? Either way, I hope they're out even if we can't send them in a tumbril."

Yes, Michelle Obama's clapping for her husband is the equivalent of the massacre of British troops by religious fanatics, or the assassination that started World War I.  As an aside, let's not forget that General Gordon would have not been in the Sudan, and might very well have lived to old age if Britain hadn't decided that it had the right to run a foreign country for its own profit.

For the crime of having applauded her husband, what is the appropriate punishment?  "Send them in a tumbril," i.e. cut their heads off.  Man, that's law and order for you.

On to more:

"Shoot, I've long recognize Michelle and the girls to be nothing more than a rent-a-family, for which a whole faux history and background was invented, just like so much else about Obutthole as been manufactured to get him elected.

Only thing they were unable to do with their, "Dancing Chicken" Obutthole.....Teach him how to emulate a real American, and a leader. Both completely foreign to his mind."

Yes, Barack Obama doesn't have a real wife and two daughters- it's all some sort of gigantic fake.  Those Democrats- nothing is too low for them.

Now, this thoughtful analysis:

"Cut her a break. She was just so happy her lil man got through it without wee-weeing his pants."

Tasteful, yes. Because Obama looked so frightened by the mighty Mitt Romney.

Well, this is so much fun!  Here's some more:

"Moochelle is nothing but a spoiled BlTCH!  She is down right sickening as heII and has to be one of the WORSTE first ladies we have ever had!  Ugly fat @ss lying BlTCH who does not give a SHlT about any one butt herself!  FUMO!!!"

Unlike Ann Romney, who cares about herself, and her dancing horse.

And the hits keep on coming:

"She wasn't clapping. She was batting at the flies that constantly infest her airspace."

"Typical of the wookie, the beast is ghetto trash!"

"some creatures you just can't train to behave "

"communst pigs don't just always lie, they ALWAYS cheat too........... "

"looking at her some people shouldn't be allowed to breed "

"the classless ghetto loser is more afraid of losing her access to the govt teat then in in comrade hussein losing the election and we noticed that after the town hall was over how the hussein's embraced with both patting each other on the back, more akin to methods used to calm an infant "

and finally,

"was moochelle put back in her cage?"

All of this, in response to one remark about Michelle applauding her husband.  The 27% of this country that have utterly surrendered themselves to the greed and hatred that drive the Republican party are, I am afraid, lost to us forever, and they will live out the rest of their lives voluntarily eating away at the greatness that once distinguished this country, until nothing is left but a pathetic, poverty stricken, third world oligarchy.  And after forty years of observing this sort of thing, I do not believe there is any way to ever get them to see the miserable evil to which they have voluntarily surrendered themselves.

Have a nice day!


fred c said...

Maybe once a week or so I drop by the Breitbart and Weasel Zippers to see what the comments are doing. It's the Michelle stuff that really gets to me, the remarks that you've copied herein are typical, but by no means the worst of it.

These people are not only showing their ignorance, they are also proving that opposition to President Obama is, indeed, based largely on his race. Especially in Michelle's case, she's a wonderful woman and there could only be one reason to be so cruel to her.

Whatever happens in November, I'll be leaving the United States, I just can't take it anymore. (Oh, wait, I've already left!)

Green Eagle said...

Fred, I recommend this only with trepidation, but you might want to take a look at the Astute Bloggers, which features some of the worst smears of Michelle, short of the out and out white supremacist sites.

Magpie said...

Who the Hell thinks about "General Gordon at Khartoum"...?

On a whim I decided to Google him and apparently he believed in reincarnation so I guess being killed didn't matter to him. Further he “ was an eccentric who believed amongst other things that the Earth was enclosed in a hollow sphere with God's throne directly above the altar of the Temple in Jerusalem, the Devil inhabiting the opposite point of the globe near Pitcairn Island in the Pacific. He also believed that the Garden of Eden was on the island of Praslin in the Seychelles.”

In other words he was a fruitcake and no wonder Tea Party types like him.

As for the stuff about Michelle Obama, who is an extraordinarily glamorous woman imo... very sick sick people populate the Right.

Green Eagle said...

Yeah, really, General Gordon...

I can't prove this, but I suspect the Mahdi (whose followers killed Gordon) is a sort of prototype of the anti-Western Muslim fanatic in the minds of the few on the right who have ever heard about Gordon's difficulties in Khartoum, the same way William Wallace has become an icon to Aryan supremacists, for supposedly being a champion of Scottish racial purity.

Incidentally, if you ever wondered why Mel Gibson chose to make a movie about William Wallace, there is your answer.

Of course, to anyone who knows anything about these people, reality is a good deal more complicated, but reality and complexity aren't their thing on the right, are they?