Monday, October 29, 2012

Balanced Reporting

From CNN today:

"DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: In 2011, during the Republican primary, Mitt Romney said flat out that he thinks that FEMA should abolished, and should be privatized. Really?  At this moment in time, I think that’s the kind of thing, that’s the kind of comment, that could come back to haunt somebody like Mitt Romney.
GOP STRATEGIST RON BONJEAN: I have to say that I don’t think anyone, most people don’t have a positive impression of FEMA, and I think Mitt Romney is right on the button.  I don’t think anybody cares about that right now."

Of course, why do a lot of people have a negative impression of FEMA?  Because under George W. Bush, the upper echelons of FEMA were deliberatedly packed with incompetents and cronies, who totally muffed the response to Hurricane Katrina.  This is the standard Republican strategy: see to it that government does a terrible job and then use the incompetent response to make people hate government.  They have done this sort of thing over and over again, most importantly in managing the economy and the Bush-started Mideast wars.  They then use their massive financial advantage to produce propaganda to convince as many people as possible that their failures are the result of government in general, and Democrats in particular. 

It is stunning that, within four years, so many people seem to have been convinced that the Republican destruction of our economy was the fault of a President who wasn't in office when the collapse happened.  So there it is: Republican lying and the stupidity and greed of many Americans- a perfect storm.

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Grung_e_Gene said...

FEMA is unconstitutional because REAL AMERICANS are wealthy and thus don't need FEMA. It's only those lazy non-hardworking types who need government assistance