Friday, October 12, 2012

Wingnut Wrapup- Laughing Old Guy Edition

Man, it didn't take the wingnuts (i.e. the Republican party, now clearly certifiable as a group) long to start pouring out the garbage about last night's debate, in an attempt to utterly distract people from the substance of the discussion, where Joe Biden's reality-based approach crushed Ryan's standard mix of lies and talking points.  No, we have endless attacks on Biden for having reacted to Ryan with the mix of derision and contempt that Ryan totally deserved.

Before I get to the lunacy, let's start out with a comment from the editors of the New York Times, to give a little perspective to what follows:

"Vice President Joseph Biden Jr. would not sit still for a parade of misleading and often blatantly untruthful descriptions of the state of the economy and the Republican prescriptions for it...Mr. Ryan, as always, refused to acknowledge the improvement in the economy...Mr. Ryan’s performance on foreign affairs and military issues was at best disingenuous and at worst bumbling... on Iran, he simply repeated Republican talking points about Mr. Obama’s “weakness” but did not say what Mr. Romney would do differently that would actually affect Iran’s nuclear program, apart from starting a war."

If you would like to see a lot more along these lines, you might like to look at today's pundit digest at Daily Kos.

Well, now on to the lunacy:

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Reviews: Laughing Joe Biden Was Condescending, Disrespectful, Arrogant...Reaction is pouring in from last night's Vice Presidential debate, which quickly descended into a one man shout-fest:  The RNC produced a rapid response video showing a split-screen of Joe Biden laughing as Paul Ryan discussed serious issues."

Well, laughing as Paul Ryan lied about serious issues.  The alternative was to simply punch the guy in the face.  Now that would have really stirred up the base.

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Blustering Biden, Serene Ryan Exchange Barbs in Fiery 90-Minute Debate...Ryan excelled on economic issues, gave a fabulous answer on abortion and closed strong.  He also held his own on foreign policy."

As usual, Ryan excelled on lying about what he and Romney would do if they got elected.  And why shouldn't he excel?  He's had so much practice, and the mainstream press has spent the last three years pretending that his lies are sage policy analysis.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Biden Interrupted Ryan 82 Times During VP Debate... according to the RNC's Joe Pounder."

Yeah, but according to the RNC, Obama is a Kenyan Muslim Communist.  Like I said above, it probably would have been better if Biden had just interrupted Ryan once, with a left hook to the face, but then I'm just a liberal dreamer wishing for a utopian outcome that I know I will never see.

Tom Brokaw:  "I just don’t think you should be laughing during a discussion about thermonuclear war with Iran. … It’s a very serious issue and however amused you are, it’s about tone as well as content. … It wasn’t about being overbearing. I thought that, in terms of content, he was very effective on Iran. It was the demeanor that he showed, and these are always a combination of the two. People are impressionistic when they look at these debates, and I don’t know how this is going to play out eventually, but sometimes you have to dial that down."

Tom, how are you supposed to react to a person who is lying in your face on national TV?  Well, I know how you and the rest of the mainstream press do it- you just let them lie to you.  Well, of course, that is if they are Republicans.  Then you pretend that the Democrats do the same thing, just to further muddy the waters.  Well, I, for one, would have loved to see Biden grab Ryan by the lapels, start shaking him violently, and scream "shut your fucking mouth, you lying traitor."  I guess that's why Green Eagle is not a highly placed White House policy advisor.

Daniel Horowitz, Red State:  "The Petulant Circus Clown Drowns Out any Substance...Biden’s appalling petulant behavior, in conjunction with the moderator’s refusal to moderate the debate instead of debate the debate, allowed Biden to get out of control and make a clown of himself.  That is all anyone will remember."

That's all anyone will remember...well, that's all they will remember if people like Daniel have their way.  They will forget the part where Biden didn't let Ryan get away with his standard act of serial lying to the American people.  No, it's far more important that Biden laughed. And here's Daniel, continuing with one of the great acts of Republican projection this year:

"Lies: Nobody in politics spews as many lies in such little time with such conviction as Joe Biden.  It’s hard to dominate in a debate where someone is not following the format and uses his time to lie on verifiable facts while making up other narratives that can never be verified"

"It’s hard to dominate in a debate where someone is not following the format and uses his time to lie on verifiable facts while making up other narratives that can never be verified..."  The entire Romney campaign strategy laid out in public for all to see- only the names have been changed to protect the Republicans.

Repair Man Jack, Red State:  " Joe Biden...looked like a jerk, an ignoramus and a garrulous, intoxicated blowhard"

What, like you guys?  "Ignorant jerk" is kind of your middle name, isn't it?  Or maybe it's your first and last names, as in "Ignorant Repair Man Jerk."  There.  That sounds better, doesn't it?

Roger Kimball, PJ Media:  " Yes, he had clearly taken an extra dose of Geritol before stepping on to the stage. But he apparently chased it with a snort of laughing gas. The resulting rictus of contempt was not just ungentlemanly, it was unhinged, disturbing. This is how the vice president of the United States reacts in a serious discussion about grave national security issues.  Joe Biden is laughing. Are you?"

No, this is not how the Vice President of the United States reacts in a serious discussion.  It's how he reacts to a lying little shit whose only goal in life is to serve his corporate masters well enough to someday get a big payout, and who doesn't give a damn about the fate of the United States.

Richard Fernandez, PJ Media:  "The Democratic debate strategy was apparently to put on a show in which Biden would visually dominate Ryan. This will have two effects. The first is it will convince the Democrats that they “won” the debate. But it will probably not convince anyone else."

No, but Biden may have convinced people that Ryan is an ignorant, intellectually lacking, serial liar.  I hope that was his debate strategy, because it's the truth.

Ron Capshaw, PJ Tatler:  "Biden came across as a tired old vaudevillian engaging in some banter with an invisible straight man."

You mean like this?

Chris Wallace, Fox News:   “I’ve Never Seen a Debate Where one Candidate Was So Disrespectful”

Perhaps you've never seen a debate where one candidate deserved so much disrespect.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "US Catholic Bishops Dispute Joe Biden’s Fraudulent Claims on HHS Mandate...Last night at the vice presidential debate Joe Biden argued,  “No religious institution—Catholic or otherwise has to pay for contraception, none has to be a vehicle to get contraception in any insurance policy.”  Paul Ryan correctly pointed out that if this were true then why is the Catholic Church suing the Obama Administration on religious freedom?"

Maybe, because in addition to being serial child molesters, Catholic priests are manipulative liars?

Senator Rand Paul:  “I think the vice president looked a little arrogant with his Cheshire Cat arrogant smile. You know, every time Ryan responded. Almost in a condescending way as if he was so important that he knew more than on these issues than anyone else.”

No, he smiled because anyone else knows more on these issues than Paul Ryan.  Or else Ryan is just an unapologetic serial liar, like his running mate.  We report, you decide.

And this serious analysis from one of our most respected Republicans:

Mike Huckabee:  "“I thought Joe Biden came across like a guy that you meet at a cocktail party for some political event, an obnoxious drunk who’s loud and boisterous and iterrupts every conversation. He’s just the kind of guy you want to get away from as quickly as you can and go find someone else to talk to."

Well, you wanted to get away from him, Mike.  That's because he was making your guy look like a dishonest, ignorant jerk.

And now, here's the view of our debate that one of Green Eagle's favorite wingnut blogs, Renew America, presented to its readers:

Karen Pittman, Renew America:  "Hey Joe — Smilin' Joe ... Grinnin' Joe ... Simperin' Joe ... Sniggerin' Joe — what up with the dents, gent? They kept snappin' like a pair o' bitin' teeth. I mean, I know it's almost Halloween, but it was no treat to watch, I gotta tell ya: I kept thinkin' my eyes were playin' tricks. That whole time you were up there a-yakkin' I was terrified they were gonna chomp Raddatz's head off — that is, if yer pointer finger didn't poke her eye out first.  And don't even get me started on the tan...And really, I'm startin' to wonder about ya, Joe. Is there somethin' you're not tellin' me? I mean, have ya had some sort of cerebral ... accident, er whut?"

Adult analysis or what?

Michael Gaynor, Renew America:  "Ryan, 42, is a gentleman from the Midwest, where good manners are expected.  Biden, 69, took full advantage of his age. He constantly interrupted. His grinning, smirking and mugging were unpresidential and both of his much younger juniors on the stage tolerated his crotchety ways."

Apparently, it is the behavior of a gentleman to lie to the American middle class about your clear intention to destroy Medicare and Social Security, and harp away on one more of the endless phony foreign policy scandals that you people make up by the hour.

Now, believe me, this is just a small sample of the sort of thing I found online today.  But really, enough's enough.  Let's just go out with one last comment, representative of a standard resort of someone who got crushed in a debate- blame the moderator.  Believe me, there was plenty more of this, too:

Erick Erickson, Red State:  "Martha Raddatz Was Horrible...Journalists are, unsurprisingly, rallying around Martha Raddatz’s awesome performance as a moderator last night. I think Paul Ryan won the debate last night, assisted by Joe Biden’s braying jackass routine, but I think Raddatz was a terrible moderator."

Unlike, say, Jim Lehrer, who didn't seem to care a bit when the Republican candidate lied in his face over and over again.  Now, that's fair moderating- helping a Republican lie his way into the White House so he can finish the destruction of the country so masterfully begun by the last Republican administration.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Biden should have told Ryan to Go Fuck Himself. Oh wait that's reserved for tough-as-nails, 5 Vietnam Deferments Dick Cheney! IOKIYAR!

Fortunately, Biden treated Ryan as he deserved.

Magpie said...

But let’s not overlook for a second that this is 2nd tier and that Obama should have squashed Romney like a bug and didn’t.

And it’s not just Obama, it’s his whole team. I get the impression sometimes that Obama actually believes the “chill out I got this” stuff and that his tight hold on insisting that people not protect him awes people who otherwise need to tell him where he is in political danger. He needs to take more advice, and that advice needs to be that the Romney campaign is an evil mean machine who have little to lose from anything at this point and everything to win. Everything. Even things they have no right to and which don’t belong to them.

Apparently Obama is prepping for debate 2 right now. Hope to heck his WHOLE TEAM is serious about not having another bad night.
I seriously do not want to wake up to another Republican administration scarcely 4 years after the 8 year train wreck previous to that sent the world to hell. I did not relax after the DNC. I’ve always thought Romney could steal this, and I won’t stop fretting about the possibility till the music has stopped and Obama-Biden are in for four more years.