Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wilful Stupidity of the Press, Once Again

And get used to it- this is shaping up to be the deciding factor in the 2012 Presidential race, sad to say, just like it did in 2000 and 2004:

Today's dose is from Matt Taylor, at Slate:

"If he were not in the White House right now, there's a good chance Senator Obama would be among the growing number of dissident Democrats -- Cory Booker and Bill Clinton among them -- expressing unease with the Bain line of attack by his party's presidential nominee. He is a self-proclaimed "New Democrat," a business-friendly moderate who often rhapsodizes about the magic of free enterprise.

But Obama's re-election team apparently did the polling and testing -- and saw how Ted Kennedy's brutal, relentless campaign against Romney in 1994 worked so well -- and decided the attacks were just too promising to pass up."

Let me see if I have this straight, now.  It is really beyond any concept of fair campaigning for Obama to mention the fact that Mitt Romney is a self-entitled near sociopath who thinks it is just fine to destroy thousands of jobs to make himself rich.  It is utterly unacceptable to suggest that a person with these values might not be the best one to entrust our country to. 

Of course, it is just fine for Republicans to tell every lie they can think of about Obama- he's a foreign plant, he's a Muslim, he's a Communist, and on and on.

On the other hand, it is nothing but a "brutal, relentless" campaign trick for Obama to try to get the American people to see who Romney actually is.

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