Friday, June 15, 2012

A Housekeeping Note

Like many people, I rarely change the list of blogs that I have linked to over on the right.  In fact, most of them have been there since very soon after I started Green Eagle.  Today, I'm removing Truth 101, which has switched to an invitation-only status; there is no point in linking to something only to have people get denied access if they try to go there.  In fact, after following Truth 101 with enjoyment for some years, I have been blocked from access too.  Well, everyone can run their blog any way they want, I guess.  'Bye, Truth 101.


Magpie said...

About 2 days ago I did the same thing for the same reason, but he has just turned up on my blog so I have quizzed him on that.

The blog we're talking about is not on his profile anymore, so he may have shut it down, possibly because it had become too electric as a troll magnet.

Anyway, hopefully he'll comment again and clarify.

Green Eagle said...

Well, I'm glad to hear that. Here, I was afraid that it was because I went on there and insisted that Ein the Corgi was more of a cartoon badass than Racer X.