Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Looking Around the Internet Today, Trying to Find Something Constructive to Look At

Here's what I found.  These are some random shots of Italian real estate for sale, mostly in Tuscany and Umbria, with one in Lazio a little south of Rome.  The internet asking prices were all in the range of $700-750,000.  Given the current state of the Italian economy, I'm sure that a cash offer of $625,000 would get any of them.

Time to start planning an escape strategy before the goose stepping really gets started.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm working class huh?

Poll P. said...

You don't have to be working class to care about the working class, Derek.

Green Eagle said...

Derek, I am a working class, AFL-CIO union member. I played by the rules and saved my money. My wife and I didn't refinance my house and spend the money on junk. We always had a fixed mortgage, and we have always had only one credit card each. We were lucky enough to buy a house in an area that hasn't seen too much of a collapse in housing values. Now, we have a pretty fair amount of equity in our house, as well as some savings. In addition to that, I have a union pension and we have social security, two things we paid for all our lives that you want to steal from us. Put that all together and yes, we can hopefully retire soon and not live in poverty.

That's how things were supposed to work for Americans. Do you have a problem with that?

JohninOregon said...

How ironic. Escape to Italy, the birthplace of modern fascism, to escape creeping fascism in our own country.

Anonymous said...

Hey if your Union is paying that's one thing but when private workers are working hard to pay their own pensions and medical insurance they have issue with having their taxes go to pay for public union members pensions and benefits.
All we are asking is for them to pay the same percentage private workers pay.
You can't have the whole country unionized because there will not be enough revenues to pay for it all.
I know of people who are public employees and make so much money and get all the freebies along with it.
Of course people who make under 100,000 aren't' happy that they have to kick in for that.
Those are the people you should be concerned about,not the ones who are being asked to contribute more. I thought the left was all about fairness. Isn't it fair to ask them to kick in like the rest of us? And they aren't even being asked to contribute as much as the private sector,which is why I have no problem with corporations contributing to candidates because those employees are the supporters of union benefits. Just like Bain Capital and many other private equity firms are.

Anonymous said...

How ironic. Escape to Italy, the birthplace of modern fascism, to escape creeping fascism in our own country

lol at this rate there will be no other countries to escape to.
good one John

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, you are so ignorant of reality that I am not even going to try responding to your latest pack of garbage.

As for Italy, it is sort of ironic, but my wife's family is Italian, and she has just enough connection to the country that we could emigrate there.

I see a time coming soon, if Republicans take control, that regulations will make it impossible to leave the country with whatever wealth you have, just like happened in Germany in the thirties. I intend to get out before that happens.

Dave Dubya said...

It's all about stripping the working class and enriching the elites. Plenty of dupes are out there to to help the elites do just that.

I can see the day coming where Americans will not be allowed to leave with their pensions or savings.

It's not like we are equal to corporate "persons" who may off-shore jobs and their wealth.