Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Republicans Respond

Well, here are some excerpts from today's Republican response to the Supreme Court's decision about Obamacare this week, delivered by some jackass Republican Congressman who claims he is a doctor.  It's just about as idiotic and malicious as you would expect:

“The President and his allies in Congress are going to try to convince the public that the Supreme Court just gave the health care law a seal of approval."

Whereas, in upholding it, the Supreme Court actually rejected it out of hand, I guess.  If the Supreme Court had really approved it, they would have done cartwheels on the lawn and screamed "whoopee," the traditional way the Supreme Court has always used to indicate that it is upholding a piece of legislation.

“The President’s health care law hires more IRS agents to investigate you and to make sure you buy insurance—but it fails to deal with the shortage of nurses and doctors to actually take care of you."

Then vote more Federal money to do that, if it is an actual problem- I never heard one of you guys complain about this being missing from the law until today.

“He promised lower health care costs, but they keep going up."

Of course, most of the law hasn't gone into effect yet, but no Republican can be bothered to mention that this is largely the product of their own obstruction.

“He promised the law would create jobs, but the Congressional Budget Office projects that 800,000 fewer people will have jobs because of this law."

What, eight hundred thousand less insurance "adjusters" working all day to deny us health care?  Man, that would be a shame, wouldn't it?  By the way, this claim is an out and out lie, first made up by Michelle Bachmann.  The CBO never said any such thing, even though Republicans feel free to repeat it with great regularity.

“Even after the Supreme Court ruling was announced, the President said that if you like the insurance you have, you can keep it."

And of course you can.  Didn't notice that, did you, Mr. Republican.  Or didn't think your ignorant, outraged base will notice it.

“Mr. President, because of your law, many Americans have already lost the health insurance that they had and they liked."

Another straight out lie, but who is counting?  Oh wait, Green Eagle is.  That's five or six so far.

“By forcing expensive new health care mandates through Congress, he’s made it harder for Americans to find good jobs and provide for their families. "

 Huh? How did he do that?  And since when did you guys care?  Oh wait, you love to talk about jobs, jobs, jobs, but when it comes to doing something about them, well, that will come right after you do away with abortion and destroy all of our socialist public schools and firemen.

"Once we have repealed the law, we will tackle the serious problems that plagued our health care system and are now getting worse.  We will replace this law with real reforms that will actually lower costs and improve access to care. "

Oh, sure you will.  So far you have had three years and you haven't come up with a single specimen of these "real reforms," other than the usual- lower taxes for the rich and less regulation.  But I'm sure you will get around to "real reforms" any day now.

“Unlike President Obama, we will not cut deals behind closed doors to protect special interest groups"

You've got to laugh.  Cutting deals behind closed doors to protect special interest groups is all the Republican party exists for.  Did you think we didn't notice that?  And here's an example of the wonderful people-friendly "real reforms" the Republicans have in mind:

“That means...letting consumers buy insurance across state lines"

In other words, making all fifty States compete to see who will offer the insurance companies the least regulation of their criminal business, and then forcing the rules of the lowest of them all- say Alabama or Mississippi- on the whole rest of the country.  Welcome to the consumer friendly Republican world.


Jerry Critter said...

Let the comedy show continue. I love it when republicans eat their own. The way they are chewing up Roberts and lying about the ruling shows their true "character".

Of course, if any of their dire predictions come true, the law will be modified to correct it. Nothing is cast in stone.

the yellow fringe said...

We have never seen anything like Scum Dog Millionaire. Italy elected one of the upper 1%ers, and that was a disaster, Russia was taken over by plutocrats, are we on the same road to being openly governed by the uberrich?

Magpie said...

I’d like to quote Cenk Uygur…. Something he wrote back on the 25th June:

“The individual mandate in the health care law was originally proposed by the Heritage Foundation, the most conservative think tank in the country. It was supported by almost every Republican in the country, including the first President Bush, Mitt Romney and conservative stalwarts like Orrin Hatch. Simply put, it was a conservative idea. There is no question about that; it is a fact.
Let me immediately digress to point out how terrible our media is since about 2% of the country knows that fact. If you asked the average American now, I'm sure they would say it was a liberal idea originally proposed by Barack Obama. Another fact -- Barack Obama was originally opposed to the mandate during his campaign for president.

So, this brings us to the central problem with President Obama's administration. They were under the unbelievably mistaken impression that if they worked with the Republicans, comprised with them and gave them what they wanted, that the Republicans would react likewise. Progressives (and anyone that was paying attention to politics in the last decade) warned them that would not be the case. We were dismissed. Now look at what's happened.

Not only did the Republicans not thank the president for including their mandate in the health care law, they have turned around and pretended they are against it. But of course it goes much deeper than that. In fact, they are now using it as the principal argument to take down the whole law.

They have no sense of shame or propriety. They're not embarrassed at their legendary hypocrisy and mendacity. They will do whatever it takes to win and support the corporate interests they are sworn and paid to defend. They also know that Democrats, generally speaking, are horrible at defending themselves and the media will help them tremendously by calling everything even.”