Monday, June 25, 2012

The Republican Destruction of American Government Continues

Via the ever-valuable Daily Kos, this story from Bloomberg, illustrating the degree to which the Republican party has worked for decades to destroy any semblance of the government we have had in this country for two hundred odd years:

"Obama Health Law Seen Valid, Scholars Expect Rejection

The U.S. Supreme Court should uphold a law requiring most Americans to have health insurance if the justices follow legal precedent, according to 19 of 21 constitutional law professors who ventured an opinion on the most-anticipated ruling in years.

Only eight of them predicted the court would do so.

“The precedent makes this a very easy case,” said Christina Whitman, a University of Michigan law professor. “But the oral argument indicated that the more conservative justices are striving to find a way to strike down the mandate.”

Click through to the article if you'd like- you'll find similar views from a number of other legal scholars.

Let me make what is being said here clear:  A majority of legal scholars in this country believe that five Supreme court justices are about to make what they clearly know to be an incorrect, illegal decision.

Every time I hear a discussion of the current state of our Supreme Court, I see these five Republican justices referred to as Conservatives, or radicals.  It is important for us to give up the illusion that their gross misconduct, which gave us George W. Bush and the economic collapse and wars of aggression he caused, has one damned thing to do with Conservatism or any other ideology.  

These justices are not conservative, they are corrupt.  They exist, and were placed on the court, to serve the interests of the usual Republican beneficiaries, the super-rich and their corporations.  There is nothing conservative about throwing stare decisis out the window whenever it is convenient, about stealing from the States their right to cast their vote for President,; nothing conservative about ignoring the plain content of legislation.

These are truly lawless individuals, placed on the court after a decades-long Republican campaign of belligerence, bullying and whining.  This sleeper cell of five criminals have, with two decisions- Bush v. Gore and Citizens United- created the conditions necessary to utterly destroy democracy in the United States, and they are now set on creating a government that recognizes not one shred of responsibility to anyone who cannot pay the grossly inflated price tag to purchase a voice with the Republican party.  This is the end of the United States as we know it, if these five individuals and their backers are not stopped.  What will follow?  If you are interested, I suggest you read about Italy in the 1920's or Germany in the 1930's.


the yellow fringe said...

They also revisited and underlined the corporations are people too law today by throwing out an old law on the books in Montana that denied the wealthy their right to disproportionately influence elections, even in states they do not live in.

Magpie said...

You wouldn’t believe the number of Right wingers who have preached to me in ideological mumbo jumbo about the ills of the universal health care … when they’ve never had it …. and I’ve had access to it my entire life - while enjoying some of the highest standards of health care in the world.

Not once… NOT ONCE… has any one of them ever said… “oh well maybe you guys have something we can learn from”.

As for these five Republican justices of yours…. They remind me of the ephors in the film 300. Hideous, corrupt, and there for life. In actual history they were subject to annual elections but….
There were five of them. They annually declared war on their own worker-slave population for the purposes of psychological repression.

Cardinal44 said...

I think "worker-slave population" is very apt and the ultimate goal.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Republicans are Governmental Suicide Bombers.

By, convincing large swaths of the American people 'Government is the problem' they are freed up to do what they want turn America into a Wage Slave state where a small cadre of owners control everything.

Dave Dubya said...

Only when the corpo-dems are labled as Junior Republicans and marginalized out of the Democratic Party, and replaced with real Democrats who have the guts to call the GOP the party of elites who want to overthrow our government, can we begin to recover from the mess we're in. Then the only major barrier to a constitutional remedy will be the corporate media. Again we need real Democrats to repeat the term "corporate media" at least as much as the Right did with their "liberal media' lie.

We got a looong way to go out of the darkness.

Anonymous said...

As with all "worker-slave" uprisings, it will end in violence.