Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Press- Helping the Republicans Avoid Oblivion

Today's example, this wretched piece of deliberate distortion from Robert Samuelson at the Washington Post, humorously entitled "Flunking the Medicare Debate:"

"...many Democrats despise vouchers, which (they say) would “privatize Medicare” and “end Medicare.” The language is self-serving demagoguery intended to terrify seniors...Vouchers would not “end Medicare.”

Listen, you unapologetic liar, Democrats say the Republican plan would “privatize Medicare” and “end Medicare”because it will.  They are telling the truth.  Everyone knows that the ultimate goal of the Republican party is to destroy Medicare, along with Social Security, the minimum wage, union rights and every single thing that Democrats have ever done for the American people.

And yes, vouchers would end Medicare, if by "Medicare" you mean a program that allows people to afford health care.  You might as well say that replacing Social Security checks with a monthly kick in the ass would not end Social Security, because people could still get kicks in the ass for free.

This is not press confusion.  It is the use of the press to deliberately spread disinformation which is useful to the Republican party.  And Robert Samuelson is not a journalist.  He is a paid liar.

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