Thursday, March 1, 2012

How Real Is The Republican Primary Process?

You know I have said all along that the rich guys always get their candidate in the Republican party, and the "base" are just suckers, over and over again.  Well, how about this for evidence:

"Michigan’s two at-large delegates to the Republican National convention will be awarded to Michigan native Mitt Romney, following a vote last night by the state party’s credentials’ committee. 

The vote came despite the party’s rules that the two at-large delegates are supposed to be awarded on a proportional basis based on the statewide popular vote. Romney won the statewide vote by a 41% to 38% margin over former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. 

The rest of the state’s delegates will be split evenly between Romney and Santorum because each won seven congressional districts across the state. 

As a result, Romney gets 16 delegates and Santorum 14."

Democracy, Republican style. Everything is totally fair as long as the rich guys' choice wins.  Hey, nothing wrong with that, right?

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