Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Buying of the Nomination...

In the age of Citizens United.  There has been so much oblivious nonsense uttered by our mainstream press (and many liberal blogs too) about Romney's supposed weak performance, as he squeaks by with two or three percent wins, or essential ties, in primary after primary.  What our unintrospective journalists seem to not have figured out is that Romney is not winning primaries, he is buying them- and when you buy things, you pay the lowest price you can. 

Now that our corrupt Supreme Court has licensed the rich to spend as much as they want to sway elections, Romney has adopted the rich man's strategy:  No matter if the voters don't like him, as long as he can make them like the other guys a little bit less.  And thus, a campaign that depends totally on spending just enough on negative ads to give him a bare victory.  No need to pay for a resounding win when a squeaker accomplishes the same thing, and increases his backers' return on investment. 

This is the new reality of Republican politics.  It is going to be a horrible spectacle to see it played out in the general election.


Anonymous said...

This seems only a slight variant on the political process since primary elections became the norm. How is it that I find myself longing for the back room negotiations and brokered deals on political conventions prior to the 1960's? We seemed to end up with actual leaders in those bygone days.

Anonymous said...

is this he left's new strategy to go after the "enemy dujour",because i seems all the left wing blogs have the same story.
Looks like you all get the same memos and then run with them.

Quote of the day-

"Midas is to gold as Obama is to Red Ink"

Green Eagle said...


First of all, "all the left wing blogs" do not have this story. I've read quite a few left wing blogs today, and in fact, I have not seen, either today, or any other day, this particular point made.

Second, anonymous, not only are you a liar, you are a very bad one. Lying isn't really that hard (at least if you are a right winger) so you should be pretty ashamed of your lack of ability.

cardinal44 said...

Republican's run massive deficits to fund wars and tax breaks for the rich and then blame the "red ink" on the poor sucker trying to right their wrongs and deny spending on schools, roads and bridges because there's such a big deficit. Next up? War with Iran, of course.

Green Eagle said...

Wrecking things when they are in power, and then doing nothing but blame Democrats for the disasters they have created- pretty much the only strategy Republicans have had since 1920 or so.