Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No Such Thing

An honest Republican, I mean.  Case in point today, the poster child for bipartisanship and darling of the Washington insiders, Senator Olympia Snowe:

"Retiring Sen. Olympia Snowe has finished grading the president’s report card. President Obama gets an “F” in bipartisanship"

Not one word from her, of course, about her Republican Senate colleagues, who made it clear from the day Obama was elected that their number one priority was to destroy him, and who have spent the last three and a half years damaging the country in an effort to make it impossible for him to win reelection.

Here's a sample of Olympia Snowe's own "bipartisanship," as described by Jonathan Chait in New York Magazine:

"The Obama administration, desperate to win her vote, wooed her with endless meetings and pleas, affording her a once-in-a-generation chance to not only help pass health care reform but make it smarter, more efficient, and more compassionate. Instead, Snowe tormented the administration by dangling an elusive and ever-changing criteria before their noses. She at first centered her objections around the inclusion of a public option. Democrats removed it, and she voted for the bill in the Finance Committee, only to turn against it when it reached the decisive vote on the Senate floor. Snowe complained that the process was happening too fast, and that it was too partisan, which seemed to be her way of saying she wouldn’t vote for it unless other Republicans joined her."

This has always been Snowe's modus operandi, along with the couple of other fake Republican moderates in Congress: endless stalling, while working to water down any Democratic proposal, constant public claims to be working in a bipartisan manner (which the press laps up) and then, in the end, voting with all the rest of the Republicans to kill the legislation. 

Olympia Snowe's "bipartisanship" has always been a Republican dumb show designed to allow the ever-compliant press to promote the illusion that Republicans have a shred of intent to work with Democrats.  They've picked out a couple of Republicans from relatively liberal States, and licensed them to pose as bipartisan, so they can claim that it's Democrats that won't reach across the aisle; and as long as these phony bipartisans understand that in the end they are required to vote the Republican party line, as Snowe did in virtually every case.  That dishonesty is the role that Olympia Snowe has played for years, and that's how she intends to end her career.

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Unlike Obama's senate voting record of "Present".