Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Death of Another Republican Myth

Here's a wonderful chart from Talking Points Memo this morning, showing a little of the truth about the Republican lie that they are the fiscally conservative party, and the Democrats are the big spenders:

You can see two things from this chart.  First of all, the "out of control Democratic spenders" (as usual) actually kept government spending totally in line, despite a near-depression, while the "fiscally conservative" Republicans used massive government spending to combat the recession in the early years of the Reagan administration.  Second, you can see that the Republican party refused to use a proven recession-fighting strategy when it had the potential to help a Democratic president, regardless of the damage they were doing to the country.

A political party run off the rails, and sunk deeply into unapologetic sedition- this is the explanation for the poor state of the country today.  And yet, the gigantic Republican lie lives on, eating away at our economic security and sending us ever further into the third world.


Grung_e_Gene said...

As Grover Norquist said Reagan gets a pass!

BB-Idaho said...

That chart shows when and where the US fiscal problems began:
unfortunately, that thinking has continued for too long. Trickle
Down should be left to the urologists...