Tuesday, June 19, 2018

He Can Do Whatever He Wants

Well, the Children in Concentration Camps issue cerainly seems to have taken off, even if not many people with a real voice dare express it as starkly as I do.  Anyway, everybody wants to talk about it, but as far as I am concerned, not a single comment I have heard is willing to get to the real point of Trump's inhumanity toward immigrant children.

Yes, of course, this is part of a systematic stirring up of race hatred and a lust for violence in his base, to hopefully get them out on election day and keep the Republican party in charge.  That in itself is one of the most miserable things that has ever happened in the history of our country, at least since the days of slavery and beating down the Indians.  But as malignant as it is, I believe it is only secondary to another purpose of this behavior, which up to this point, no one, from whatever end of the political spectrum, has been able to face.

For, I believe, the main purpose of this behavior is to make it clear that Trump has the power, and will use that power, to destroy the lives of anyone who stands up to him.  It is part of a campaign to inure the American people to the use of sadism and violence by the President to get what he wants. If he can put innocent children by the thousands in concentration camps, he can imprison, or even kill his opponents without fear of being stopped.  This is the right that he is now claiming.  And it is all too clear from his behavior that he will use it if he is allowed to have it.

We are at another Rubicon in our nation's descent into fascism.  With this program, our President is taking for himself the right to destroy anyone or any group that is a part of anything he dislikes or doesn't want to happen.  And please note that this is not the "sort of" Fascism that people maybe whispered about a year or so ago; this is the real thing, as blatant as anything Hitler or Mussolini ever did, short of taking those kids and gassing them.  But that didn't start in Germany until Hitler had been allowed to run hog wild for years; when Hitler had been in power as long as Trump has, he was still just locking his opponents up and maybe having them beaten, kind of like Trump today.

Well, welcome to today's America.


Anonymous said...

You are exactly right. I fully expect to see him in a generals uniform soon. I'm not kidding either.

Magpie said...

Maybe in a North Korean general's uniform. He likes to salute those and they have big hats.

Green Eagle said...

At this point, no outrage, no matter how grotesque, is unbelievable. This is a real attempt to turn the United States into a Fascist dictatorship, and it is very heavily financed, and has the support of at least a third of the American people. This has been entirely predictable since at least the Reagan administration, but of course, the truth is shouted down as soon as anyone dares to say the words, and at this point, whoever speaks out loudly enough to be heard is subject to personal destruction. And the feckless Democrats are not helping by refusing to take a united stand against what is going on. I am deeply afraid that they are going to fritter away the apparent advantage they seem to have, before we reach election day.

Anyway, can I add that I've stopped comment moderation for the time, and at least what comments I get are showing up again. Sorry for the ones I missed.