Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Celebrate America, Hooah!!!

So as you may have heard, the spoiled little infant Trump "disinvited" the NFL champion Philadelphia Eagles after it became clear that most of them were going to humiliate him by not showing up (hooray for them.)  Instead, he decided to hold a "Celebrate America" rally instead.  Oh boy!

Well, any long term readers of Green Eagle know how much I like to report on the actual size of right wing demonstrations, which is inevitably a huge embarrassment to them, or would be if the mainstream press didn't systematically ignore the truth.  So, here are a couple of pictures of today's event:

As usual,  I always try to base my comments on the evidence of the largest possible attendance at these events; let me note that I have spent a pretty fair time searching online, and these are the two photographs showing the largest views of the "crowd" at this pathetic sham rally.

Let me make a couple of observations about this.  First of all, the vast majority of all mainstream press accounts of this event carefully avoided showing a single view of the crowd, which from these pictures barely numbered a few hundred.  You know if the crowd were large, it would be all over the news, but I had a lot of trouble finding these two pictures.

Second, check out how many of the attendees are in suits, very unusual for a rally, but probably an indication that the majority of people in the crowd were Republican staffers; the number of voluntary attendees appears to be less than a hundred or two.  By way of reference, here's a crowd that spontaneously turned out to celebrate the Washington Capitals' victory in game three of the Stanley Cup:
And here is a photo of the crowd that attended the actual Philadelphia Eagles victory parade after this year's Super Bowl:

No comment necessary, I think.

So once again, the Republicans generate a synthetic media event, claim its pathetic turnout represents a majority of the American people, and the press dutifully reports the Republican party line as the truth.  In reality, there is no sign that the massively funded and Russian rigged "election" of Trump represents a damned thing except a collusion of rich sociopaths and a foreign dictator to seize control of our government, which seems to have worked, and will go on working as long as the press lets the lying continue.

Update:  Courtesy of Mock Paper Scissors, here is a photo of the "crowd" at Trump's event taken from the front:

At the risk of being repetitive:  I count 102 attendees in this photo, although I didn't try too hard to be super accurate, so I could be off by a few.  Yes, there are clearly some more people off to the sides, so let's be generous and say there were 200 in the audience, for an event that Trump publicized for a couple of days.  Furthermore, you can see that most of these people are clearly Republican staff members, not the sort of people that show up for rallies.  In brief, virtually nobody turned up at this jerk's pathetic, jingoistic event.  And yet that fact, which should be the clear message drawn from this humiliating occasion, has been totally ignored by the press.

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