Sunday, June 3, 2018

Employment- Trump and the Press Collaborate Again

You have probably heard by now that Trump released the May job numbers AN HOUR EARLY!!! which has been widely reported everywhere, even though not one person in a thousand knew that this was not supposed to happen.  This gave the mainstream press a wonderful chance to hail the number of jobs gained in May as an absolutely unprecedented success, showing how great the economy is because Republicans are in charge again.

What is the reality behind these claims?  Well, let's look at a little evidence.  Here is a chart of monthly job gains since 2013:

Unprecedented success?  I have added the red line to illustrate the fact that there were 24 months in the last five years of the Obama administration with job gains greater than the number for last month, as well as two from the Trump administration.  So, what happened this last month was not so impressive after all.  In fact, it would be well to look at this chart to get a grasp on the truth:
Here is the truth in plain view:  A colossal explosion in unemployment was the result of the 2008 collapse of the economy, which was caused by Republican economic depredation.  Within short order, actions taken under the Obama administration, which would never have been considered under any Republican, set the unemployment rate on a steep downward path, which it has continued to follow, at least to this point in the Trump administration. 

The notion that Donald Trump, or any other Republican, deserves a shred of credit for this is patently ludicrous.  And yet the mainstream press has collaborated with the Republican party and the rich sociopaths that own it, to tell just that story, which the American people are, in large part, accepting as the gospel truth.  In fact, I saw a poll recently that suggests that once again the American public is turning to the idiotic and self-destructive notion that Republicans are better at running the economy than Democrats.

And that is how the Republican intend to win elections in November: through the ignorance of the American people, who are carefully fed a constant series of lies by the Republican owned mainstream press.  As I have stated so many times before, the number one rule of American politics is that the Democrats could crush the Republican party out of existence without effort; what they cannot do is crush the Republicans and the press working together.

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