Tuesday, June 12, 2018


The mainstream press, of course.  Two headlines in the Washington Post today about Donald Trump humiliating himself in front of a miserable 32 year old dictator:

"The summit was a triumph of Trumpian stagecraft. The media fell for it."

And as if deliberately trying to prove the truth of that comment, here is the current lead story in the Washington Post:

"Trump-Kim summit yields hope for breakthrough but no guarantees"

What it actually leaded was an utter collapse by The World's Greatest Deal Maker, and a gigantic loss for the United States, but God forbid that the Washington Post or any other mainstream news source should say that in clear language.  The media fell for it, all right. 

Nobody is making the media "fall for it," of course.  They are falling for it because that is what they are paid to do, and if it destroys the country in the process, so what, as long as the checks don't bounce.

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One Fly said...

More than anything else it's the media no question whatsoever.

It IS destroying this country and without a very positive change in that respect we're not going to get this back. The inroads gained so far are significant.

I have decided to spend more time in Mexico. Part of that is this and that sucks really. I am not proud of my country even a little.

Great post. Why can't more see this as it pretty damn obvious and be pissed off?