Thursday, June 21, 2018

And His Wife is Scum, Too

I am ashamed to admit that, in the past, I have defended Melania Trump as someone who was trapped in her position, and not responsible for the monstrous behavior of her husband.

Well, you have probably all seen this, but here is Melania in a jacket she wore to take a trip to see some of the migrant children who her husband stole from their parents:
This is the act of the lowest kind of scum.  I was fooled by her, but no more.  She is every bit as big a monster as her husband.


One Fly said...

This is very strange and don't think it went anywhere.

Green Eagle said...

This jacket cost $39.00. What was the last time that Melania wore something that cheap? This was utterly deliberate, and is one more step toward legitimizing brutality among their base.

One Fly said...

Yes it was deliberate and the steps are now a trot.

It did go somewhere but not far enough of course.