Friday, June 29, 2018

Republican Support For Trump Collapses

Ha ha, just kidding.  In the wake of discovering that he is building concentration camps for children, Gallup reports that Republican support for Trump has fallen from 90% to 87%.  This is an openly, proudly Fascist party, people, and anyone who can't see that at the present time is deeply defective, morally and intellectually. 

I am always amused when I see people criticize someone on Mueller's staff or at the FBI as illegitimate to work on any Trump investigation, because they have made public statements indicating that they are opposed to Trump.  Any person who is not opposed to Trump is a vicious, hateful human being, and a traitor to this country in the bargain.  If you are not opposed to what Trump and the Republican party are doing to this country, you have no right to take part in its government, or to be considered anything but a moral degenerate.  And that includes the 87% of Republicans who will side with him in public, as well as the majority of the rest, who just won't say it out loud.

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