Monday, September 11, 2017

Republican Lies, McCain Edition

Even when they try to tell the truth they can't help lying.  Case in point today, the ol' Maverick, for some reason granted a space on national TV to maunder on about global warming, which he claims to believe in:

"Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) says he has no idea why his GOP colleagues deny basic climate science... 

(Jake) Tapper... asks McCain why, with a few exceptions, the Republican party, “the president, the governor of Florida, et cetera, act as if it’s not real, even though the overwhelming scientific consensus is that it’s real and it’s man made?” 

“I don’t know because I can’t divine their motives,” McCain said."

He doesn't know their motives.

Well, he knows their motives perfectly well, as does any other rational person:  They are corrupt criminals who have taken bribes to lie about climate change.  Can't be admitting that, though


Anonymous said...

Also, some of them are dumber than a bag of hammers.

Jerry Critter said...

Absolutely, it is all about the money. The carbon-based energy industry is spending millions, if not billions, of dollars to keep congressmen and congresswomen under their control. Also, if they admit climate change is a problem, then they will have to spend money to resolve the problem. Government spend on something new means increasing taxes, big problem when your benefactors want you to give them tax cuts to pay for all the money they are giving you.

Green Eagle said...

Well, that's the thing, isn't it? We all know that these people (including McCain over his miserable career) are totally corrupt criminals, and McCain knows it too; he just pretends that it's beyond his thought processes to notice the truth.

Green Eagle said...

And just a note to some assholes that have been leaving comments the last few days: Just calling me stupid is not going to get your comment posted. I've got no time for that.

BLTN said...

Green Eagle,

You have a solid three-digit IQ.

Frank Broome said...

Green Eagle,

Have you ever considered creating a Petroleum V. Nasby-type character?

Bob Conner said...

There are two answers to that that I know of.

#1. Much of the right is religious and truly believe man can't destroy what god created. Although that never seems to stand up too welll when a religious man, in duty to his country, drops bombs on people from 20,000 feet above; when a religious man kills his wife to free himself up for his girlfriend; when a religious man, in duty to his country again, shoots and destroys another human being.

The thing about religion and politics is ignoring contradictions are a permanent way of life.

Then, #2 pure and simple partisanship and the money that comes along with it. no need to expound upon that at all.

Green Eagle said...

BTLN- maybe only barely.

Frank, I had forgotten all about Petroleum V. Nasby; you reminded me of him. I have to say that, at the present time, I'm finding the behavior of the Republican party and their base to be beyond laughing at. Maybe soon I will recover my balance.

And Bob, I'm afraid that my answer is that right wing Evangelical "Christians" are a bunch of lying scum who don't give a damn about their supposed beliefs, but only care about themselves and whatever they can get their hands on, regardless of the cost to anyone else. Sorry if that seems too harsh, but it's what I have seen for decades now, and it would take a massive amount of evidence to change my mind at this point.

Magpie said...

Before I got bored of the task I wasted way too much time arguing religion with people who were both Right wing and very religious. It is my opinion that the correlation is usually circumstantial and not interdependent. They are both just traits, like a zebra's diet doesn't have much to do with its stripes.

Logically, if you really gave a crap about what Jesus had to say you wouldn't be Right-wing, you'd be Left-wing.
Jesus was for the poor and the marginalised. These are the people the Right most disdain.

They don't go to church to be closer to Jesus, they go to feel part of a tribe, and get confirmation via uneducated conversation of all the crap they already believe, with people whose powers of personal reflection are similarly nil.

They TALK religion when they discuss politics because that is the language they think they understand.... but it's all rote. There is no moral thinking going on there.
Like the lady who defended voting for Trump by saying "God can use anyone"...
Just not Hillary. Apparently. Somehow. Might be GOD and all powerful but using her was just too difficult for the creator of the whole universe including Hillary.

In any case their day as a powerful minority in American life is rapidly coming to an end. The number of people who are completely indifferent to religion, as a percentage, is rapidly rising.

Anyway if McCain was struck with a moment of well-directed ego he could go down in history in a positive sense if did the equivalent of Eisenhower's military-industrial complex speech. The future-threating fossil fuel industry complex.

It's even in the national interest (apart from saving the nation's citizens) because the rest of the world will develop that economy and that industry and own that technological and commercial future and America will not.

Flying Junior said...

I don't see the christian churches in the U.S. as dying anytime soon. If they keep on having dancing girls complete with hand motions, good christian rocknroll, and lots and lots of baby dedications and baptisms, they're not going anywhere. But it is the conservative leaning churches that are attracting young people, not the liberal churches. Just what is happening here. It's even more extreme in states like Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, The Carolinas and elsewhere, but it can be observed in southern California. One thing church-goers do is vote. Half of Americans don't care enough to cast a ballot.

I wonder just how long it will be before some major candidate declares something other than Christianity or Judaism? Guessing it will not be a Muslim mayor of a major city. Christianity is a bit of a must-have for president, governor, & cetera. How about somebody saying, "I have never been religious, nor do I see any reason to be?"

Try late twenty-second century.