Friday, September 29, 2017

Dealing With Disasters. Trump Style

“GREAT job in Puerto Rico”- Donald Trump

Just lie about it. 

 I mean, what other approach would you have expected Trump to take?  Just let the people suffer and die without food, power, communication to the outside world, medical care or any other thing needed to sustain life, and then lie about it, confident after the thousand lies he has already told about everything under the sun, that the miserable, hateful white subhumans who make up a big enough voting bloc to keep him where he is will never admit the truth to themselves, and go on proclaiming him to be the greatest President of all time.

And with the mainstream press basically uninterested in stripping things down to reality, he will get away with it.  Just like we still hear them shouting that Bush won the Iraq war, Reagan tamed the deficit and Obama was a Communist Muslim traitor, ten or fifteen or fifty years from now, people will still be proclaiming that Trump was a hero when the hurricanes hit Puerto Rico.

It's sort of an unusual way to govern, but it's working for him.  Count on it to be standard practice for Republicans from now on.  I mean, lying about everything important has always been a Republican go-to technique, but lying about absolutely everything on earth is really a new development.

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Jerry Critter said...

Well, they are no "real people". After all, they don’t speak English, and they live in the middle of a bigly ocean.