Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Fast and Furious

Hurricane Harvey, which dumped the greatest amount of rain in a single storm in US history, is barely over, and the damage has barely begun to be calculated, when along comes Irma.
And here it is, earlier today.  Have you ever seen such a perfectly organized hurricane?  Irma is currently the second strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic, with wind speeds only a few miles an hour short of the all time record of 190 miles per hour.

One storm after another.  What will it take to get the right wing liars in this country to give up their multibillion dollar campaign of deception and finally admit that something is happening here that must be addressed?  We still have a couple of months of this year's hurricane season to go- maybe we will have a third or a fourth of these things, while the short term profits of energy companies destroy the future of the human race.

And what is to come in that future?  In five or ten more years, will we see half a dozen of these "thousand year" storms every year?  Or even more, with an intensity that even now seems inconceivable?  How long before 200 mile an hour storms batter the South several times a year?  How long before large parts of the Atlantic and Gulf regions become uninhabitable?  Will the former residents of those areas still be willing to play the sucker for the rich bastards whose greed is destroying the planet?

The sad news is that there is no sign that these people will ever face reality, on this issue any more than they have on any other.  Hang on tight; it's going to be a rough ride.


Beach Bum said...

If I remember correctly "Super Storm" Sandy was at least considered a storm of the century. October 2015 the little shit state I live, South Carolina, was hit a "500 Year Flood. Now Harvey was what? I head some commentator say it was a 1000 year storm/flood.

Yeah, at some point the low wattage individuals will finally realize climate change is real. By that time though the tipping point will have come and gone. then again they might just blame it all on the liberal media and fake news.

Jerry Critter said...

dinterestingly, these record setting storms are hitting regions of the country where the majority of climate change deniers live. Perhaps God is pissed and She is sending them a message.

Green Eagle said...

Next: a 10,000 year flood, I guess. What with all the inflation and all, years just aren't what they used to be.