Sunday, September 24, 2017

Indifference to the Point of Perversion

Donald Trump, of course, and by extension the monstrous cadre- monstrous in both its numbers and its attitudes- that supports him.

Most of us know the deep problem the National Football League is in, due to the discovery that a majority of its players are emerging from the sport with severe brain damage, leading to violence, loss of self control and early death.  Even fans of football who have a shred of decency are deeply disturbed by this situation, leading to a steep decline in interest in the sport.

Well, not Donald Trump.  Here's a statement he made in a speech delivered during the campaign:

"At a rally in Lakeville, Florida, during the Presidential campaign, Trump aroused the crowd by insisting that the N.F.L., which has hardly gone to great lengths to protect its players, was “ruining the game” by inflicting penalties on players who, say, hit the quarterback too late. “See, we don’t go by these new and very much softer N.F.L. rules. Concussion? Oh! Oh! ‘Got a little ding in the head—no, no, you can’t play for the rest of the season.’ Our people are tough.”

"Ruining the game" by allowing these players to turn into shambling wrecks, and die far before their time.

He just doesn't give a damn about this repeated personal tragedy, inflicted on men who are supposed to be our heroes.  And just to be clear about this, very largely black men.  But he will endorse endless suffering rather than give up one second of the violence that he lusts to see on TV.

And let us not forget that this is not a problem of just highly paid NFL stars- significant evidence of this brain damage is turning up in former college and high school players; a price that Donald Trump is willing to pay for his own privilege to watch people damage each other beyond repair on live television.

My wife and I were saying the other day that there is not one single issue on which Trump (and most every other Republican too) cannot be expected to take the most savage, inhumane position, even when it seems to have no benefit to anyone except to slake right wingers' hatred and lust for violence.

Sad to say, this is just one example, and it will turn out to be a pretty small one too, if Trump manages to find a way to start a nuclear war.  This is a truly bestial human being, and at this point, anyone who thinks differently is a fool.

This quote found via No More Mister Nice Blog, one of my favorite internet sites.


Sir William said...

" severe brain damage, leading to violence, loss of self control "

How many of them came into the game with severe brain damage and a history of violence? How many of them had self-control in the first place?

Better for them to beat each other up than to attack innocent bystanders.

Green Eagle said...

Do you have a shred of evidence that what you say is true? I believe your remark is nothing but a racist outburst. Can you convince me differently?

Sir William said...

Richie Incognito
Serial rapist Ben Roethlisberger
Conrad Dobler
Bill Romanowski
Johnny Manziel
Jerry Jones (he played football in college)
Aaron Hernandez (light skin, Italian mother)
Colt Lyerla
Penn State Coaching Staff 1966-2011
Ryan Leaf
That idiot who owned the New Jersey Generals and destroyed the USFL

Green Eagle said...

How many of these people were severely brain damaged before they even got to the NFL we will never know. And by the way, if you are accusing me of being on the side of the NFL, forget it. It is a degraded, violent sport that can't die away too soon, as far as I am concerned. That has nothing to do, however, with the right of football players to use their public position to bring attention to the behavior of police and other government officials, who are a thousand times worse than football players, and who are committing their violence in our names, and with our money.