Tuesday, March 21, 2017

You Are Being Played, Democrats

Big Time.

James Comey!  The single American most responsible for the malignant lies that sunk Hillary's candidacy and put the Traitor Trump in the White House.

Have you heard him utter one word of apology for this monstrous act, or show one sign that he has suddenly discovered what a criminal abuse of power it was?

Now, all of a sudden, he stands in front of a Congressional committee and admits that the FBI has been investigating Trump's treason with Vladimir Putin for months, and he knew all about it, even when he was spreading hideous lies about Hillary.

Can you not see that this crooked son of a bitch is going to now let a few weeks go by and then announce that Trump did nothing wrong?

How can anyone stand still and let one of the chief malefactors in the Trump election theft be portrayed to the nation as a fair minded investigator of his own crimes?

We must have a truly independent inquiry into Trump's behavior, staffed with people who are determined to see to it that the American people hear the truth.  And there is virtually zero chance of that happening.  Welcome to the America that the Republican party has been building for half a century.


Jerry Critter said...

I hope you are wrong, but I believe you are right. The only way to the truth is with a truly independent investigation, an investigation that republicans will prevent.

Carl said...

"James Comey! The single American most responsible for the malignant lies that sunk Hillary's candidacy and put the Traitor Trump in the White House."

1) What about the person who made him head of the FBI?

If Comey were a lying partisan Republican hack, Obama would never have put him in charge of the FBI. But Obama made him head of the FBI. Therefore Comey is an honorable man.

2) The Constitution says, "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort." Trump has not raised armies against the United States. Russia is our ally in the fight against ISIS in Syria, and therefore not an enemy. Therefore, Trump has not committed treason, and anyone who calls him a traitor hates our Constitution.

Green Eagle said...

Listen, you filthy, disgusting liar: There you go, blaming Republican betrayal on Obama. When I hear dirty, sickening things like that, I want to rip your face off. Second, if you think betraying the country in order to promote the interests of a foreign dictator does not consist in "adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort," you are a uniquely stupid person. In fact, you do not believe that. You know perfectly well that Trump is a traitor, and you don't care because you are a traitor too. You are human slime of the most degraded sort.

Dikran Hagopian said...

How come Carl gets posted while my complaint about jerks like Rush Limbaugh who have a history of smearing politicians' minor children doesn't appear?

Green Eagle said...

Well, here's why, Dikran. I posted the comment from that miserable excuse for a human, Carl, because I wanted a chance to tear him a new one. Your comments do not get posted because they are nothing but cheap insults that contribute nothing to the discussion, and I don't want to waste my readers' time on them. If you say something that actually has something to do with the issues I will consider posting it, although don't count on it, because you have sent me so much irrelevant nonsense that a lot of times I delete your comments without having read them.

Magpie said...

To this Carl who says “Russia is our ally in the fight against ISIS in Syria, and therefore not an enemy”,

No, no, no, no... Russia is Syria’s ally.
Syria under Assad is one of the worst violators of human rights in the world. Syria, Iran and North Korea are allies - engaged in the sharing of WMD technology that could one day fuck up a major American city.
Did you scope that bit I just wrote there? The enemy of your enemy is not your friend when they have closer friends who want you dead.

When ISIS is gone there will still be a civil war to resolve, and Russia’s intent is to be a naval power in the Mediterranean and for that they need Syria. They are there to prop up a brutal Syrian dictatorship, who have about as much love for you as a rattlesnake.
Russia is a competing power with the United States all over this planet. That they don’t truck with ISIS only reflects their partnership with regimes who themselves are brutal dictatorships, not a shared agenda with America.

Whatever bullshit train has got much of the redneck Right in America apparently believing that Russia is your friend... is a train you need to get off.
Holy shit that speaks to how effective they have been in subverting you.

Jerry Critter said...

Carl's rhetoric shows you just how much Trump has twisted their minds. They are tied in knots and running in circles. Logic and facts means nothing. Trump is god.

Trilateral said...
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Green Eagle said...

Magpie, I have made this point before, but approximately 250 miles separate Syria and Russia. Putin is a belligerent dictator, but he is right to fear the establishment of a maniac Islamic state that close to his borders, particularly given the large number of Islamic extremists that live in his own country. I continue to think that this is the major reason he is so involved in the Syrian conflict. As a successful dictator, he certainly can identify a colossally incompetent dictator like Assad, but in this fight, he has to go with the allies he has.

Anonymous said...

Trilateral made some good points against Carl. But I disagree when he called you a dodo. You're smarter than a dodo.

So why did you get rid of Trilateral's comment.

Green Eagle said...

Trilateral was a person who has been banned here posting under a false name.