Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Have You Seen the Name of the Republican Health Care Bill

If you need any more evidence (you don't) of what a bunch of evil fucks the Republicans are, you need look no farther than the name they have given to their disgusting "health care plan."  Really, here it is, from the House's website:
The World's Greatest Health Care Plan!  That's what these cynical cocksuckers are calling their malignant bill.  What kind of a sickening name for a bill is that, even if it were true? This is the sort of government that Republicans were voted in to provide us- screw the American people and then kick them in the face on the way out the door.  And their stupid, ignorant voters are just thrilled with it.


Jon Fleming said...

It's not the GOP abomination. It's a competing bill from Jeff Sessions.

Paul Wartenberg said...

I'm there with you, boss.

It doesn't matter if it's a competing bill with the RyantrumpCare atrocity. It's still an insane way to label your own f-cking bills. The hubris. The arrogance.