Monday, March 6, 2017

The Hidden War

There is an unobserved political war going on in this country.  I have absolutely no concrete evidence that this is true, but I am going to positively assert it as utterly obvious.

One army in this war is led by Paul Ryan, and includes every Republican that thinks Ryan would favor them in the future.

The other army is led by every Republican who sees himself or herself as a potential Presidential candidate in 2020.  And judging by past performance, that is quite a horde.

And here is what the war is over:  Paul Ryan, as the Speaker of the House, is the only person who can pull the trigger on the massively appropriate impeachment of Donald Trump.  And he is not going to do that until he can involve Mike Pence sufficiently to pull Pence down with Trump, making Ryan President.  And that would spell the end of any chance the other Republicans have to become President in 2020.

Watch behind the curtain.  There is not a Republican on earth who is not out for himself and only himself, so this is going to make for a most interesting story.


Jerry Critter said...

Interesting idea! It would be very entertaining.

Green Eagle said...

Particularly because, if impeachment of Trump does become likely, I would not be surprised to see an all-out war to try to topple Ryan from his position, with dozens of Republicans trying to replace him. And please remember that there is no Constitutional requirement that the Speaker of the House be a member of the House, so all sorts of weasels could get in on this fight. Fun, fun, fun!