Monday, March 13, 2017

Can Democrats Be This Stupid?

Well, yes, of course they can be.  It's happened so many times that it is now just the way things work in Washington- Republicans screw things up and blame it on the Democrats, Democrats fix things, and Republicans take the credit.  And since the Republicans own the press, voters fall for it every time.

What am I raving about today? This story, which I originally saw at Crooks and Liars, but which can be found at many other places:

"Republicans are openly hoping that Democrats will clean up the mess after they pass a health care law that results in million of Americans losing coverage. 

The New York Times reported over the weekend that Republicans are moving forward with plans to replaces the Affordable Care Act even though voters in red states are expected to be hit hard by the changes.  

Regardless of warnings from experts that millions could lose coverage, Republicans are pressing forward with the belief that Democrats will one day help fix the mess they created, the paper said. 

"Ultimately, Republicans are counting on Democrats to step in and help repair what even Republicans anticipate as upheaval if a repeal measure is passed without a broad remake of American health care," the Times noted. "Republican leaders have made no effort to hide the strategy."

Democrats, there is but one answer to this malicious Republican strategy:  A party unified around Medicare for everyone, i.e. a single payer system.  If there is one Democrat anywhere that refuses to go along with this, it should be made clear to them that they will never, ever, get one ounce of help from the party.  Any Democrat who is stupid enough to help dig the Republican party out of this gigantic hole of its own making, has no right to be associated with the Democratic party, or with any decent, rational organization.

If Democrats cannot hold the line, even on such a clear issue as this, our country really has been turned over to the criminals that make up the entire Republican leadership.  We might as well start preparing for the civil war and the inevitable breaking up of the United States which is guaranteed to follow.


Terry Barr said...

I'm sure the evil billionaires (Kocks+) have bought some Democrats as moles. Don't know who or how many. DSW, Pelosi, Shummer, Israel, Emmanuel?+. Hillary discovered the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and made peace with Murdoch and Scaife et al. Is she still at peace with them? Another mole? Could not tell from her campaign. I expect Obama had to sell partially out to financial sector to have a chance at election. I have more questions than comments. Are questions ok?

Moles = Stupid

Green Eagle said...

Oh come on, Terry. We all know how hard they worked to subvert Hillary. Why would they do that if she were her tool?

And no, questions like you ask are not okay, because they are nothing but the product of lies and smears directed at her by Republicans. Voters have a responsibility to be a little more aware of the truth than that.