Friday, March 3, 2017

Wingnut Wrapup

It's been a while, but it's a little hard to get worked up about what some doofus in St. Louis thinks, when we have a raving lunatic in the White House.  anyway, here we go:

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Sorry Liberals, Ellison and DWS Remained Seated During Roughy Two-Minute Standing Ovation Honoring Fallen Navy SEAL's Widow"

This is more important than two hundred Republicans in Congress conspiring to cover up treason.  And by the way, it's not true, not that that matters to Republicans.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall"  "Cruz Defends Sessions Over Russia Report: It's a 'Nothing Burger'

Treason: a nothing burger.  A legal lesson from the Republican party.

Cal Thomas, Town Hall:  "Trump Reinvents Himself"

One speech during which he did not degenerate into a shouting, spittle flecked maniac undoes two years of piggishness and hatred.

Jim Jamitis, Red State:  "Maryland Democrats Pick Chris Matthews’ Wife As State Party Chair"

This is an outrage, picking this woman as a purely private party leader; Trump making Mitch McConnell's wife transportation secretary is just fine.

Andrea Ruth, Red State:  "Journalists Acting More Like Pouty Ditched Prom Dates"

I don't know...I didn't see much treason at my prom.

Mickey White, Red State:  "WHOA. US Raid in Yemen *Did* Yield Hundreds of Leads on Al Qaeda Operatives"

In Neverland.

Checkmate, Red State:  "Dear Democrats: Thank You For Displaying Your Despicable Breach Of Decorum For All The World To See."

According to this lying dick, the Democratic women who dressed in white did it to show solidarity with the KKK.  Of course, the real KKK is totally on Trump's side, but no sense bringing that up, right?

"Pelosi booed along with her  henchwomen dressed in typical KKK garb; all white without the hoods. Yes I said it."

Yes, you said it.  Proud of yourself now?

J. Christian Adams, PJ Media:  "U.S. Senator Colludes With Russians to Influence Presidential Election"

This is some incomprehensible story about something that Teddy Kennedy supposedly did in 1984.

"Even 30 years ago, Democrat senators were colluding with America's enemies to bring down Republicans."

Of course, the Republican President and his cabinet are up to this today, but forget that...TEDDY!!!!  And in case you do not have a memory of who J. Christian Adams is, he was a guy brought into the justice department by George W. Bush with the purpose of turning civil rights enforcement from oppression of black people to "oppression" of right wing Christians.  Just in case you were being lulled by the abomination that is Trump to forget what a miserable bastard Bush was.

Christina Laila, Gateway Pundit:  "Flashback: 30 Senate Democrats Met With Russian Diplomats To Advance Obama’s Iran Deal"

A President negotiating an international treaty is far worse than a candidate committing treason in collaboration with a dictator.  Or at least it is when the President is a Democrat and the candidate is a Republican.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Crackpot Democrats Hold Astro-Turfed Protest Outside DOJ Demanding AG Sessions Resign Over Russia Conspiracy"

If you hate treason, you are a crackpot.

Jerry Newcombe, Renew America:  ""Jesus" and the Oscars"

No.  No way you are going to get me to read that one.

Jim Wagner, Renew America:  "Straight eye for the queer guy"

Sorry, I'm not reading that one either.  Man, these religious right wingers are perverted.

And now a classic of Republican projection:

Lloyd Marcus, Renew America:  "Trump's speech exposes the sickness of the Democrat Party"

The sickness of the Democratic party?  God, what a dick.

William Sullivan, American Thinker: "No, Repealing Obamacare Won’t Kill Off Thousands of Americans"

None that count, anyway.  Those can already pay their medical bills.

And a question we all need to consider:

Richard Winchester, American Thinker:  "When Did Barack Obama Become an Overt Black Racist?"

No word about when Jeff Sessions became an overt White racist.

Howard J. Warner, American Thinker:  "Sessions flap shows a Trump administration under constant oppo pressure...It seems that the Democrats will not stop until they destroy the ability of the Trump administration to make the changes the president was elected to accomplish."

Boy, that never happened to a President before.  Howard continues:

"President Trump cannot have his achievements reduced or eviscerated by the Democrats using attacks on his ethics."

No, of course not.  Attacks on Trump's ethics? Strictly out of bounds.

"Today, President Trump went to the new aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald Ford, but this effort was drowned out by the hyped news on Putin's Russia.  It is necessary to end this issue for good."

Not by learning the truth.  By shouting down the people who want to know what really happened.  So that evidence of treason in the White House will not "drown out" a draft-dodging President's attempt to use an aircraft carrier as a backdrop.

David French, National Review Online:  "The Dangerous Implications of Democrats’ Obsession with Trump’s Yemen Raid...January’s Yemen raid was one battle in a very long conflict, a conflict that it will be increasingly difficult to fight if every engagement must end with absolute, cost-free success. We will never consistently have perfect knowledge, achieve perfect surprise, or obtain perfect results. That was not the standard of success during the Bush or Obama administrations. And it must not be the standard of success for Trump."

Benghazi.  Benghazi, Benghazi, BENGHAZI!!!  What? That word doesn't ring a bell? Okay, then, let's just move on.

Kaitlan Collins, Daily Caller:  "The Number Of Times Russia's Ambassador Visited Obama's White House Will SHOCK You"

You know, Kaitlan, maybe nobody ever told you this, but that's what ambassadors do- deal with legitimate governments.  What they are not supposed to do is conspire with opposition politicians to rig the elections of other countries.  A little bit of a difference there, but hey, that's okay, right? It's only a minor detail.

Betsey Rothstein, Daily Caller:  "Biden Family Drama Has Everything: Sex, Hookers, Debt, Cocaine And A Son Sleeping With His Dead Bro's Wife"

Well, almost everything, Betsey.  It doesn't have treason, for example.  See, the 2016 election is over, so it's time to start the smears against any viable Democratic candidates for 2020.

And now some news from the official state press of the Trump administration:

Breitbart:  "Mark Levin to Congress: Investigate Obama’s ‘Silent Coup’ vs. Trump"

So silent, in fact, that there is absolutely zero evidence that it exists.  All the more reason to "investigate" it, like with Benghazi and Hillary's e-mails; if they don't spend several million dollars on this nonsense, how will they convince anyone that it's true?

Joel Pollack, Breitbart:  "Literally Watergate: Deep State Deployed to Spy on Political Enemy"

See, it's not Trump's treason that is like Watergate, it's the fact that Democrats want to know the truth about it.

Katherine Rodriguez, Breitbart:  "Dem Cracks Sex Joke About Conway Kneeling on Oval Office Couch"

The horror!  Okay, enough with these guys.    And let's just go out by looking in on one of Green Eagle's favorite right wing websites:

Before it's News:  "Look! Photo Surfaces That Clears Jeff Sessions!"

The photo in question is a picture of SOMEONE ELSE TALKING TO THE RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR!!!!  Which establishes beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sessions could not have talked to him at some other time.  Hey, that makes sense, don't you think?

Before it's News:  "PizzaGate – Trump Declares Child Trafficking an Epidemic"

PizzaGate.  The lies never go away.

And the biggest scandal of all:

Before it's News:  "Michelle Obama’s Beard Caught on Camera!"

No one wants to see that.  And, in case you don't have enough to worry about, let's just go out on this story:

Before it's News:  "Antarctica: UFO War Erupts...If breaking reports are to be believed the UFO war over Antarctica has already begun. Researchers are claiming disclosure is imminent as the desperate New World Order makes its last-ditch attempt at world control, but have they made a deal with devils from another world?"

Breaking reports!  And now this breaking report:  Green Eagle's patience for all of this has just broken, so that's it for today.  See you soon!


Magpie said...

"Dem Cracks Sex Joke About Conway Kneeling on Oval Office Couch"

Really? What was it? That Conway would have sex with a giraffe if she thought that would get her on air?

"UFO war over Antarctica has already begun"

Well I'm much closer to Antarctica than any US-based lunatic and I can't see a single flying saucer.
However... is the purpose of making up Alex Jonesian bullshit like that about Antarctica to drown out actually credible reports that the place is getting warm enough to pose a danger of melting?

Green Eagle said...

Those space aliens had better take over Antarctica soon, before it's gone...say, that led me to think of a gigantic, Trump-scale real estate swindle. I mean, what do space aliens know about Antarctica? Let's sell them the whole place, and when they come back twenty years later and discover it's all turned into swamps like Florida real estate, well, too bad, sucker.

Weird Dave said...

Here, you missed one:

If President Trump is really in charge, then why are the chemtrails worse than ever*

*Personally, I find chemtrails to be one of the most amusing of all conspiracy theories.

KanaW said...

"UFO war over Antarctica has already begun"

What? The Wraiths have found the Stargate?

Idjits. h/t Bobby Singer.

Zog said...

"One speech during which he did not degenerate into a shouting, spittle flecked maniac undoes two years of piggishness and hatred."

Just two years?

Trump's been full of hatred and vulgarity for at least five decades.

Bob Conner said...

"One speech during which he did not degenerate into a shouting, spittle flecked maniac undoes two years of piggishness and hatred. "

That was destined for a very short life. It seems to me, that with even small "victories", the moronic coward goes even deeper into the rabbit hole and things just get curiouser and curiouser.

His lies become even more grandiose; his claims present a man who's even more mentally unbalanced than we previously knew and his reactions to the reactions of the normal humans among us is to berate and ridicule the normal in his self-aggrandizing tirades.

The real question is; are we going to put a stop to his disturbed behavior, or is it going to take the world to do so, as it did during WWII?

Green Eagle said...

Well, Bob, that is the question, isn't it. And let's all remember that the last time the world had to put a stop to something like this, it cost 50 million lives, and that guy didn't even have nuclear weapons.