Friday, March 24, 2017

The Real Story

Once again, the press, our politicians in both parties, and the American people are totally ignoring what is happening in Washington.

We all know the Republicans don't give a damn about health care, they only care about themselves and giving money to their rich backers.  So even though they have majorities in both houses of Congress, they couldn't enact a simple bill.  Why?  Well, I will tell you.

As I keep pointing out, there is only one person in this country with his finger on the impeachment button, and that is Paul Ryan, who is holding off for one reason and one reason only; until he can be sure he can take Mike Pence down with Trump, he can't make himself President, which is all this power mad, morally dead semi-human really cares about.  Well, it was worth it to Trump to see to it that Ryan has a humiliating failure, even if Trump had to have one himself.  After all, Trump has four years to recover from this, and he is such a deranged egomaniac that he can't even begin to believe that the American people will really let him be tossed out.  And if worst comes to worst, he is already planning a war with North Korea, during which he is confident that nobody will change administrations.  Ryan, on the other hand, could well be fatally crippled by this misstep, and lose his post.

It is portrayed as a miserable failure that the Republican crazy caucus voted against the health care bill after Trump personally went and talked to them.  This assumes, of course that he was trying to talk them into voting for the bill, rather than against it, on the assumption that his brain-dead followers will never desert him, but that the failure will materially damage Ryan.

We are all in the middle of a silent coup in this country, and it all depends on whether Ryan can tie Pence closely enough to Trump when he pulls the trigger on Trump's very deserved impeachment.  Meanwhile, the terminally self-absorbed Trump is fighting back with the same disregard for the welfare of the country that Ryan, and every other Republican has, as an essential part of their value system.  In the end, this is what is really going on, and the American people can only stand by helplessly, and wait to see what happens.


Magpie said...

A question, GE...

In your scenario where Ryan did “take Mike Pence down with Trump” and become President...

Do you feel, at any level, that it is ultimately less worse than Trump/Pence continuing with people like Bannon and his 'Christian fascist' ideology continuing to have such influence (assuming they go as well)?

In other words is President Ryan a less nuclear war-filled nightmare of a path back to a sane administration after Ryan ultimately loses an election?

Jerry Critter said...

Ryan, like all of the House members are up for reelection in 2018. What if he is not reelected? Interesting twist!

Green Eagle said...

Magpie, I think either one of them is nothing but a path downward to the dictatorship, depression and inevitable war that is the end of the line for all Republican policy for at least the last forty years in this country. So, I guess I'd say that a President who cloaks his corruption in apparent madness is no better in the end than a President who cloaks his corruption in apparent sanity.

Sad to say, it seems like a large enough number of American voters are all for the corruption, so I'm not sure any more why the Republicans are bothering to cloak it in anything at this point.