Sunday, February 19, 2017

Wingnut Wrapup

Tomorrow is a travel day for me, so I thought I'd get this out today.

And off to the races!  What a time we're having; aren't you excited to see how they try to lie their way out of this one?

Donald Trump, President of the United States: "This administration is running like a fine-tuned machine."
 Right, Donald.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  " NYT: Trump Aides Had Contact With Russian Intelligence, But No Evidence Of Collusion Found"

If you are a totally brain-dead wingnut.  Otherwise, the evidence is everywhere, Matt.  And Matt gives the whole game away later in his article:

"None of the newly learned information relates to the salacious allegations in the dossier."

We are talking about pee pee gate here, just to be clear, not high treason.  No evidence for the golden shower story, according to Matt.  The evidence for the rest of it is right in front of your face, but is apparently not important enough to worry about.

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Texas AG Files Amicus Brief in Support of Travel Ban"

Whooppee.  The Texas Attorney General would be one Ken Paxton:

"Today's ruling marks an end to Mr. Paxton's almost yearlong attempt to avoid being judged by a jury of his peers. We look forward to going to trial and seeking justice on behalf of the people of Texas," special prosecutor Brian Wice said Wednesday."

Oh, THAT Ken Paxton.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Krauthammer on Flynn: 'This Is a Cover Up Without a Crime'

Well, except for treason.  Other than that, nothing to see here folks.  Why don't we all just move along, and have a couple more hearings about Hillary's e-mails?

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "It Is Unclear Whether Flynn Misled White House On a Number of National Security Issues"

Yeah, but not the way that Katie is pretending.  The only thing "unclear" is the smoking gun evidence that Trump was in on the whole thing from the very beginning.  And if you can't see that from the way Trump has treated Russia, you are a fool.  Katie puts it like this:

"On the trust issue and eroding of trust, last night in General Flynn's resignation letter he said he inadvertently briefed the Vice President-elect and others with incomplete information."

Inadvertently..."incomplete" information...if you fall for that, you are one poor excuse for a sentient being.  Anyway, some more Republican speak for "I lied my ass off, and I'm still doing it.  And you can't do a thing about it, sucker."

Streiff, Red State:  "Trump Needs To Either Shutdown the Pro-Obama Leakers Or He Needs To Resign"

Pro-Obama leakers.  Yeah, that's what they are.  It's "pro-Obama" to think the American people have a right to know that there is a traitor in the White House.  Well, he's probably right, because there sure aren't any Republicans that believe that.  Here's a little sample of Streiff's "reasoning:"

"I have no doubt that Kredo is right in linking Ben Rhodes’s merry platoon of Obama fellatistos to the operation. The leaks on Trump’s calls to foreign leaders can only have come from within the so-called (haha) professional staff of the National Security Council... there is zero doubt that a war is underway against the Trump administration and it is being carried out by part of the US government. Yesterday, Eli Lake had a story in which he pointed out that it is illegal for the government to wiretap US citizens without a warrant"

Man, that is just pathetic.  "Fellatistos;" "So-called (ha ha) professional staff of the National Security Council"...Streiff used to be at least somewhat creative in coming up with his Republican alternative truths.  Come on, guy, get it together- cheesy fourth-grade level insults really aren't enough any more.

Debra Heine, PJ Media:  "Report: Obama Loyalists, Led by Ben Rhodes, Orchestrated Flynn Ouster"

Continuing the above theme.  I BLAME OBAMA!!!!  Boy, it's going to be tough to get them to abandon that one.  No word, by the way, on the way Republicans openly and proudly orchestrated their endless attempts to destroy Obama.

And I bet you didn't know this:

PJ Media:  "'People in America Are Getting Tired of the 24/7 Pile-On' of Trump"

Are you kidding me?  This is the greatest thing since Snakes on a Plane came out.

Ryan Saavedra, Gateway Pundit:  "Los Angeles Driver PLOWS THROUGH Pipeline Protest...
On Wednesday, pipeline protesters standing in the streets of Los Angeles were greeted by a driver who was determined to get to his destination. The driver made it through the protest line by driving straight through the mob, literally."

The mob:

How frightening!  A mob!  A mob of, apparently, sixteen people, standing still and holding signs. The liberals have destroyed democracy forever!!!!  Ryan continues:

"If you watch closely towards the end of the video it appears a person in a yellow shirt reaches into the car and starts to throw punches at the driver."

Abominable!  Someone tried to stop a right wing loon from running down innocent people! And if he actually had run them down?  Hey, nothing wrong with that.

Is there anyone out there who can't see where this licensing of violence on the right will take us?

Rick Moran, PJ Media:  "College Students Wear White Pins to Remind Themselves of 'White Privilege'

The horror.  Maybe we need some wingnut driver to run them down too.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "President Trump GOES OFF on Intelligence Community After Continued Leaks By Far Left Agents"

Far left agents, who you can clearly identify because they told the truth- an irrefutable sign.  If that doesn't immediately mark them as far left, I don't know what would.  And by the way, the intelligence community is so well know for being filled with "far left agents," right?

Lloyd Marcus, Renew America:  "The left's campaign to "Bush" Trump will fail"

Sorry, Lloyd.  It's already gone way beyond that, and he has only been in office four weeks yet.  Deal with the real world for once.

Sher Zieve, Renew America:  "Why is anyone going along with the 9th Circuit COA's illegal ruling?"

Ignore the courts.  Sher becomes one more rooter for dictatorship- the exact thing she has been screaming about Obama being up to for eight years.

And now a rather lengthy passage from an article revealing just how deeply Republicans have to sink into delusion, in order to lie away Trump's treason:

Bob Unruh, World Net Daily:  "Explosive new hacking scandal has Democrats' fingerprints...Remember the hue and cry raised by Democrats over the “Russians” hacking their computer systems during the 2016 presidential election?

How there should be investigations? How someone – a Republican – must be at fault? How whatever interaction Donald Trump ever had with Russia was viewed suspiciously?

And now there are Democrats’ attacks on Trump over Michael Flynn, his national security adviser who was forced to resign this week over conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.

Investigate, they demand. Not just Flynn, but Trump, too.

Yet the Democrats are mum over their own explosive hacking scandal, which could overshadow Watergate, Filegate, Travelgate and dozens of other Washington scandals.

The allegation is that Democrats hired tech staffers who were Pakistani nationals, and they likely gained illegal access to secret congressional information."

No sense getting too caught up in this nonsense too deeply; let me just point out that, first of all, when a Republican says that someone " likely gained illegal access to secret congressional information," that means that they have exactly zero evidence that any such thing ever happened, and secondly let me tell you (and you will not be surprised at this) that the article does not mention one source for this information.  "DEMOCRAT HACKING SCANDAL!!!!!"

Oh, and let's not move on here before pointing out that in the Democratic Russian hacking "scandal," the Democrats were the victims; in the Trump scandal, the Trump people are the criminals.  That is a subtle distinction that Bob failed to notice, for some reason.

And more from Bob.  Man, he's on fire today!

Bob Unruh, World Net Daily:  "EMERGENCY HEARING SOUGHT TO STOP NSA 'SPYING' ON TRUMP...'Our own gov't has committed biggest violation of constitutional rights in history'

And who is seeking this emergency heareing?

"Attorney Larry Klayman, the chief of Freedom Watch, is asking a federal court to hold an emergency hearing on the NSA and “likely” CIA “spying” on President Donald Trump."

Larry Klayman.  I guess he's got a lot of free time on his hands, now that he is not trying to organize a mob of two million people, to break into the White House and lynch Barack Obama.  That, of course, would not be a violation of Constitutional rights, just an expression of the righteous anger of real Americans at the idea of, well, you know what, in the White House.

Ron Jager, American Thinker:  "Trump-Hatred of Sanctimonious Jews Empowering Anti-Semites"

It's the Jews' fault that right wing savages hate them.  Not really a new argument.  They used that one somewhere before.  Let me try to remember where...

Andrew Solomon, American Thinker:  "Trump's new strategy: Hulk smash...We are in a street fight.  No more apologies.  It's war.  It's time to smash the opposition."

Hey, that is consistent with American values, right?  Andrew explains the details of his proposal:

"Trump's policy should be simple.  If the Deep State's Obama leftovers and their rejects take out a Flynn using felonious actions via illegal leaks, replace him with a Navy SEAL.  If they take out the SEAL, go get a shovel and dig up General Patton's dead body and slam him into place."

Okay, I mean, that should work.  And if that doesn't work, maybe the Russians would be so generous as to loan us Hitler's skull.

E. Jeffrey Ludwig, American Thinker:  "Democrats fear Trump's success with Russia"

You mean we fear Trump's ongoing sellout of the country to the Russian dictator?  You bet we do. Got a problem with that, E. Jeffrey?

Christian Datoc, Daily Caller:  "Trump: ‘This Country Was Seriously Divided Before I Got Here’

Well, at least we aren't divided any more, Donald.  We all hate you.

True Pundit:  "VIDEO: President Trump Crushes Mainstream Media; Our Country’s Military Strategy is None of Your Business"

Huh.  No need to comment on that one.

And this horrible news:

Freedom Daily:  "MANHUNT: Trump’s Motorcade Just Came Under Direct Attack From Assailants Yelling Death Threats... Eyewitnesses to the frightening attack said that the protesters were yelling death threats, using crass language, and were about the age of middle school children."

Crass Language!  Middle school children!

And of course, who is behind it all?

"I lay this entirely at the feet of Obama."

Now he's getting middle school chidren to use crass language.  Will the outrages never stop?

S. White, Freedom Daily:  "ITS BEGINNING: Free Tuition, Free Housing And No Fees, Including Former Inmates… If Your Skin Is This Color!"

No need to let you know what color they are talking about.  Anyway, what an outrage, spending government money on sending poor kids to college, when it could go to subsidize coal companies, or just get stuffed into the pockets of the Koch brothers, where it rightfully belongs.  But don't worry, America, this diabolical plot isn't even really happening; it was only proposed by a few students at one university.  But better get ready.  The horror of black kids in college could become a reality any day now.

Marr, Freedom Daily:  "Look What Trump Was Just Caught Doing In The White House That Hasn’t Been Seen In DECADES!"

Getting peed upon by Russian prostitutes?

Prissy Holly, Freedom Daily:  "HOLY CRAP! Ted Cruz Just WRECKED The Lives Of MILLIONS Of Muslims"

Wrecked the lives of millions.  And right wingers are really proud of him for doing it.  Thank heaven, of course, that Ted didn't do any such thing.  He just made some more belligerent threats.  But still, it's interesting to hear from people who would be really happy if that had happened.

And let's just go out with this:

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker:  "Media hysteria in week three of Trump presidency leaves little room for escalation...What’s left for next week?  Denouncing President Trump and his family as shape-shifting aliens?"

Let's not forget that right wingers have spent years accusing the Clintons and Obama of being exactly that.
 One of a series of pictures proving that Hillary is a lizard person.

And here is Obama shapeshifting right before our eyes, in an ABSOLUTELY NOT PHOTOSHOPPED picture.

Oh God, can it get any worse?*

*Yes it can.  Sorry about that.


Sam240 said...

" S. White, Freedom Daily: "ITS BEGINNING: Free Tuition, Free Housing And No Fees, Including Former Inmates… If Your Skin Is This Color!""

Back in the 1930s, the state of Florida offered tuition-free education for residents at its two white state colleges, but charged a fee for students at its black state college (Florida A&M).

Am I the only one who thinks Trump voters want to bring that system back?

Green Eagle said...

If Trump voters have their way, blacks will only be allowed to go to college if their white owners allow them to, which will not happen because they will be needed for picking cotton and building levees.

Magpie said...

"Media hysteria in week three of Trump presidency leaves little room for escalation...What’s left for next week?"

Oh...I have the utmost faith that Trump will come up with something. He'll pull out of somewhere...
Sweden maybe.

Zog said...

I can't see slavery returning to the South because it would conflict with the region's predominant religion: Football.

After September 12, 1970 (Southern Cal 42, Alabama 21), it became much harder to justify segregation.

The book Friday Night Lights noted that, after integration, both schools in Odessa wanted to have the predominantly Black neighborhood in town. Why? The white folks wanted to get good running backs for the local teams. I'm not joking.

Racist, yes, but football is religion in much of Trump country. As Earl Ofari Hutchinson wrote,

"It took protests, marches and lengthy court battles to get the schools integrated.

Even then, school officials cynically viewed integration not as a chance to improve educational opportunities for minorities but as a way to get a steady supply of blue-chip black running backs to ensure that Permian High stayed in the thick of the hunt for more state championships."

There, a school's not a school without football.

Dikran Hagopian said...

Speaking of football:

Green Eagle, is there a chance you have CTE?

Green Eagle said...

I think I might have a touch of CTOOCA- Chronic traumatic out of control anger. It's a very common condition in parrots.