Monday, February 6, 2017

Oh God, Another Trump Spectacular!

This time it's a pro-Trump rally in New York, and here it is:

Fifty people showed up!  FIFTY! In New York!

Fifty, fifty, FIFTY!  There, I just had to say it again.  In New York City!

400,000 showed up in New York for the women's march the day after the inauguration.

150,000 showed up in Denver and Boston.

750,000 in Los Angeles, and it would have been many more, but all forms of transportation to the march area were totally blocked an hour before the march.

And the list goes on and on-10,000 in Saint Louis, 7,000 in Palm Beach, of all places.

And thousands are showing up still for demonstrations across the country against Trump.

Trump got fifty in New York, the nation's biggest city.  My God, people hate him, and the supposed support out there for him is a total laugh.

This is beyond ridiculous, it is shameful that he is still in the White House, the way he's been acting.  Every day he remains, he degrades our country, but the Congressional Republicans that hold the key to ending this malignant farce think they can get him to take responsibility for a lot of the piggish things they have always wanted to do,so there he sits, with virtually no support anywhere.  This country may never recover from the disgrace he has already brought about, in less than three weeks.

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