Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Another Day in Trumpistan

Just a few of today's atrocities:

Well, Trump and his Republican colleagues have succeeded in one of the most corrupt, hateful act in the entire history of the United States- making a criminal, lying, racist, white supremacist the Attorney General of the United States.  Not much more to say about that, but I'd like to quote one of the money passages from the now-infamous Coretta Scott King letter, sent to the Senate when Reagan tried to make him a federal judge, and which Republicans managed to keep out of the Senate record until they took on a true hero, Elizabeth Warren:

"I write to express my sincere opposition to the confirmation of Jefferson B. Sessions as a federal disctrict court judge for the Southern District of Alabama. My professional and personal roots in Alabama are deep and lasting. Anyone who has used the power of his office as United States Attorney to intimidate and chill the free exercise of the ballot by citizens should not be elevated to our courts. Mr. Sessions has used the awesome powers of his offie in a shabby attempt to intimidate and frighten elderly black voters. For this reprehensible conduct, he should not be rewarded with a federal judgeship.

I do sincerely urge you to oppose the confirmation of Mr. Sessions.

Sincerely, Coretta Scott King"

Moving on, here is Trump protecting the United States from terrorists, in his masterful fashion:

"WASHINGTON — Angry at the civilian casualties incurred last month in the first commando raid authorized by President Trump, Yemen has withdrawn permission for the United States to run Special Operations ground missions against suspected terrorist groups in the country, according to American officials...The raid, in which just about everything went wrong, was an early test of Mr. Trump’s national security decision-making...

Specialists in Yemeni culture and politics have cautioned that Al Qaeda would seize on the raid to whip up anti-American feelings and attract more followers.

“The use of U.S. soldiers, high civilian casualties and disregard for local tribal and political dynamics,” the Brussels-based International Crisis Group said in a report released last Thursday, “plays into AQAP’s narrative of defending Muslims against the West and could increase anti-U.S. sentiment and with it AQAP’s pool of recruits.”

So, in one ill-considered act of ignorant bullying, not only did he get one Navy SEAL and maybe thirty civilians killed, but he destroyed the United States' ability to conduct operations in one of the most terrorist-ridden countries on earth.  Which, I need hardly remind you, the Republican liars and smear merchants that savaged Obama and Hillary for years over nonexistent failures in Benghazi, have already passed over and forgotten.

Next up, did you ever think for one second that the Republicans cared about an honest voting system, or even about anything but corrupting it as much and as fast as they could?

"Amid Russia’s election hacking, House Republicans vote to terminate voting security agency...The Republican-controlled Committee on House Administration voted along party lines on Tuesday to disband the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), which assists states with meeting voting system security guidelines.

By a 6-3 vote, lawmakers approved the Election Assistance Commission Termination Act. The bill states that, upon being signed into law, the EAC will be “terminated and may not carry out any programs or activities.”

Republicans have been working as hard as they could to destroy the integrity of elections in this country, at least since Nixon, and everybody knows it damned well, except apparently for the entirety of the mainstream press.

And a little more taste of dictatorship:

"Trump has, literally, offered to destroy a State Senator’s career for trying to introduce legislation that would mean Texas law enforcement would have to wait for a conviction to receive seized assets."
Don't tell me to mince words here.  This is truly the act of a totalitarian dictator, or at least a man who intends to make himself one as soon as possible.  Just remember that, when World War III starts, this time we are going to be the bad guys, and the allies are going to be everyone else.  So, Trump supporters, when you wake up one morning and find out that your country looks like this:
 you are going to have to work really hard to blame it on the Democrats.

And well, it is about time that we consider the truly frightening possibility that Trump is actually mentally deficient, not just ignorant and indifferent to the truth.  After "earning" a degree from a prestigious university, Donald Trump cannot spell simple English words.  Check this story out.

At this point I do not believe he has an IQ above 90, and if I had to make a bet, I'd put it at 80-85.  Growing up around successful people, he learned to ape their mannerisms to some minimal degree, but I think it is clear that, in addition to his obvious mental illness, there is a strong element of mental inadequacy there too.  A comforting thought, huh?

And let's go out on a final proof that Republicans are unstoppable liars who do not give a God damn about right and wrong, or about what they are doing to the country:

“If there is a temporary increase in the deficit to get our economy growing, I think my fellow Republican members are willing to look at the long game,” said Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.), a Trump loyalist."

Unfortunately, what they are going to get is what Republicans always get- a massive, long term increase in the deficit in order to get our economy shrinking.  But not to worry- they will be successful with the help of the press in making people believe that it's all the fault of those profligate, big spending Democrats, and everything would have been okay if they had just taken more away from the Negroes; and it always works.

I wish that I could tell you that this is the whole of the treachery the Republican party has been engaged in today; unfortunately it is only a small part of it.  But it's enough for one post, isn't it?  I wonder how long I will have to go on writing about this sort of atrocity almost every day.


Infidel753 said...

If there is a temporary increase in the deficit to get our economy growing

I'm trying to picture Obama saying this and how the wingnuts would react.

I wonder how long I will have to go on writing about this sort of atrocity almost every day.

No one blogger can cover everything they do. You'd wear out a keyboard every few months. It will have to be a group effort.

Green Eagle said...

Well, the wingnuts went batshit crazy when Hillary used a private, but very well secured e-mail system, and now they don't give a damn that Trump's whole group of top advisers is doing the same thing, and on top of it Trump himself is using an unsecured phone. And they will keep engaging in this sort of behavior, because in case you didn't notice, it works.