Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Sincere Question from Green Eagle

I wish to most seriously ask a question.  This question is directed to anyone who might see this, who voted for Jill Stein or some other candidate, or didn't vote at all, because Hillary and Trump were just the same.  Please, I beg you, tell us all how you came to that decision and how you feel about it today.  And while you are answering, please ask yourselves these questions too:

Would Hillary have ordered our military to prepare for war?

Would Hillary have threatened to go to war against Mexico and Iran?

Would Hillary have called up the heads of two allied countries (at least) and berated and threatened them?

Would Hillary have threatened to pull out of NATO?

Would Hillary have loosened sanctions on Russia spies?

Would Hillary have been willing to sign a bill allowing brokers to cheat their clients?

Would Hillary be willing to sign a bill allowing corporations to bribe foreign governments?

Would Hillary conduct secret conversations with Vladimir Putin?

Would Hillary have ended all government investigation of violent right wing groups in the United States?

Would Hillary end the law banning churches from political activity?

Would Hillary have killed a measure to allow the government to negotiate pharmaceutical prices, substituting a big tax cut and less regulations instead?

Would Hillary put a neo-Nazi agent on the National Security Council?

Would Hillary have made Presidential decisions based on her own personal profit motive?

Would Hillary steal medical care from 20 million people, to enrich insurance executives?

Well, I'd like to hear your comments, people who were just too smart, and too moral and too upright to pull the lever for Hillary.  I won't be waiting that enthusiastically, because I bet that 99% of you are just going to hide your shame and wait for a couple of years to pretend that what happened on election day was all someone else's fault, the way your predecessors who voted for Nader did, and that you did the right thing by throwing your vote away and refusing to accept your share of responsibility for the country's welfare.  But it would be interesting to hear you try to justify your behavior today.


Jerry Critter said...

I'm not quite the person you are looking for because I did vote for Clinton. However, I did consider voting for Stein because she matched my preferences more so than Clinton, and I live in CA which Trump would never win anyway. But in the end I went for Clinton because she was such a far superior candidate to Trump. I would not vote for Trump for garbage collector. Stein was never going to win and I thought the more votes Clinton received, the better.

If the president was elected by popular vote, then I would have voted for Clinton without even considering Stein because every vote would count. With the Electoral College and living in CA, it didn't matter if I voted or not. Clinton would win CA with or without my vote.

Green Eagle said...

I'm primarily interested in the large majority of people who voted for Stein because they claimed Hillary and Trump were just the same. And Jerry, you did vote for Hillary, which proves (as you have proven many times) that you are sane.

One Fly said...

Am I the sharpest knife in the drawer - hardly.

It was obvious what this man was going to be like if elected. No matter what the little I saw of this man over the years if was obvious he was a huge prick and all the rest of the negatives with many more being revealed on the way to election day.

Just how fucking dumb is our country?

Carl said...

"Would Hillary have threatened to pull out of NATO?"

I don't see any value in protecting the Continent. I remember someone saying that Britain entering WWII was a mistake. They simply managed to transfer Poland from Hitler to Stalin, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives and their standing as a world power.

"Would Hillary put a neo-Nazi agent on the National Security Council?"
What neo-Nazi agent?

The Zionist Organization of America and its President, Morton Klein, say Steve Bannon is not an anti-Semite, and that you are smearing him with lies.

I'll quote them:
ZOA’s own experience and analysis of Breitbart articles confirms Mr. Bannon’s and Breitbart’s friendship and fair-mindedness towards Israel and the Jewish people. To accuse Mr. Bannon and Breitbart of anti-Semitism is Orwellian. In fact, Breitbart bravely fights against anti-Semitism.

ZOA President Morton Klein stated: “The ZOA welcomes the appointment of Stephen Bannon as chief strategist to the incoming Trump/Pence administration. We wish Mr. Bannon every success in his new position. We urge Jonathan Greenblatt/ADL to withdraw and apologize for their inappropriate character assassination of Mr. Bannon and Breitbart Media.”


"Would Trump’s extraordinary pro-Israel advisors such as Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pence, Mike Huckabee, Sheldon Adelson, and Orthodox Jews Jared Kushner, David Friedman, and Jason Greenblatt ever allow an anti-Semite/Israel-hater to work with them? Would Trump’s Orthodox Jewish daughter Ivanka, whose children go to an Orthodox day school, ever allow an anti-Semite to work with her father? And, remember Donald Trump’s platform on Israel was the strongest pro-Israel platform ever. I’m also forced to ask – why didn’t ADL and other Bannon bashers complain that Hilary’s advisers included some very anti-Israel people starting with major donor to Hillary, the Israel-hating, George Soros? Where were ADL’s complaints then?

Meanwhile, Hillary had a bunch of anti-Semitic backers, like Zogby, West, and Ellison. "Three of the more notorious American Jew haters have been flagged by their appointment to the 2016 Democrat Platform Committee."

"Would Donald Trump condemn millions of babies to death?"
I thought he would, but he's done good with Neil Gorsuch. America's killed 60 million babies since 1973, and Gorsuch's desire to repeal Roe would stop this Holocaust.

Frankly, I thought Trump was a blowhard who didn't mean what he said, and a liberal in saint's clothing. I didn't see much difference between Trump and Hillary. That's why I voted for Darrell Castle.

I'm surprised and glad that Trump has proven positive so far.

Dikran Hagopian said...

Dear Green Eagle the Supergenius,

Do you want to tell Carl he shouldn't waste his vote on a third-party candidate in 2020, or do you think someone else would do a better job?

Jerry Critter said...

One Fly -"Just how fucking dumb is our country?"

To answer your question, One Fly, all I had to do was read Carl's comment.

Green Eagle said...

One fly, first of all, ZOA is a right wing front group. Now, you are obviously an anti-Semitic white supremacist. I let you make your comment, because I believe all decent people need to be confronted with the malignant haters that exist in our country today, but if you think I am going to waste my time replying to your lies, forget it.

One Fly said...

Where in the hell did you come up with that shit ge? I agree with you. I'm outta here.

Dikran Hagopian said...

Dear Green Eagle the Supergenius,

One fly did not say anything about the ZOA. That was Carl. I suggest you apologize to One fly.

One Fly -"Just how fucking dumb is our country?"

To answer your question, I just had to read Green Eagle's accusation.

Remember, Green Eagle once read a plagiarized pro-apartheid essay and thought it was a "thorough and well researched comment" on the Middle East.

Green Eagle said...

Dikran, you are absolutely right. My sincere apologies to One Fly, and some extra curses directed toward Carl.

As for plagiarism, of course you had to ruin your comment with a vicious lie. Back in your cage again-no comments from you.

Magpie said...

Before it gets lost in the back and forth, I want to point out that Carl just gave implicit support to the notion that Britain was wrong to oppose Hitler.
That it was "a mistake".
And therefore by extension the world was wrong to oppose Hitler, AND THEN in the same comment he lectures on anti-Semitism.

You can travel the length and breadth of Britain and I challenge you to find anyone, other than a Right wing maniac or a mental/moral defective (same thing, largely) who regrets that their country stood against the gold standard in evil scum for over 2 years before America entered the war. Is there anyone who really thinks it wouldn't have come down to a death camp in Surrey and public executions in Trafalgar Square if they had just let Hitler keep going?

Is this what a generation endured the relentless hell of the biggest war in history for? So supremely facile dweebs who read Breitbart can metaphorically spit on the graves of millions? Depressing.

Green Eagle said...

Absolutely, and this was the line that Hitler always took with the British- that they were natural allies of Germany, and should come into the war on Germany's side. He even continued this line after the Battle of Britain, appealing to the fair number of British people, including some pretty high up in the government, who agreed with this sentiment.

And I feel obliged to add that there were plenty of people in the United States that agreed with that sentiment, including prominent members of the Republican party.

Carl said...

"the gold standard in evil scum"

I had no idea Great Britain ever fought against Holodomor Joe.

"anti-Semitic white supremacist"
I am not a white supremacist. I voted for a Black Man in the 2008 Presidential Election.

Green Eagle, did you ever vote for an African-American woman on a national ticket? I did, for Vice President in 2000.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Konstantin Grigorievich Belov said...

I am happy Trump won the election.

Many persons here also are happy.

Why you are not happy?

Konstantin Grigorievich Belov

Green Eagle said...

Ha ha, the African American woman ran on a ticket with one of the most outspoken Nazi sympathizers in the United States, Patrick Buchanan. I'm just so impressed with your openness, Carl. And the black man you voted for was Alan Keyes, featured frequently in Wingnut Wrapup because he is a mentally ill delusional right wing hater. So you are proud of yourself and your fellow white Republican racists for finding two miserable black tools who were willing to crawl through the slime to support your hatred and intolerance.

Okay, guy, I put that in my pipe and smoked it. Satisfied with the results?

And Konstantin, I assume you are not the Russian football player. Anyway, glad to hear from you and I fully understand how you feel. Probably, I am not happy because it's 8:30 at night and I haven't started drinking yet. I'm sure that, being Russian, you don't make that kind of mistake.

Magpie said...

Carl, the brutality of the Soviet regime at the time is not in dispute and does not mitigate the evil the Nazis represented.

You have asserted that it would have been better, for Britain at least, had Nazi Germany not been opposed in late 1939, at which time they were not at war with the Soviets. There are only two possible implications of this: that they be allowed to win or that 'the war', whenever it did get started, would go past 1945. In either event the holocaust would also have gone past 1945 and indeed the full Nazi agenda perpetrated, backed up by an even more developed military than was available to them.

In what way could that have been a better outcome and less of "a mistake"?

And how does it point the way for what Trump should do in betraying alliances with some of the oldest, most developed, most free democracies in the world, deeming said alliances of "no value", in favour of... Russia. ? That point was a bit murky too.