Saturday, February 11, 2017

Right Wing History, World War II version

Here is an account of Nazi Germany and World War II that I found online while hunting out things for Wingnut Wrapup.  There is nothing unique in anything it has to say, but it brings together so much that I have now heard over and over again from the right that I thought it was worth leaving a record of exactly the sort of attitude we are up against in this country.  It's hard for most of us to comprehend the right's willingness to believe this sort of malignancy, but here it is. Read as much of it as you can take; as I say, I am mainly posting it to leave a record of what the right in this country is up to.  I need hardly add my own comments, because I know that most of the people who read my blog know how ugly and deceitful this all is, but of course, being Green Eagle, I couldn't resist.

"Number one, soon after Hitler came to power and nationalized the banks, Germany became the most technologically advanced, prosperous and most envied nation on Earth."

Completely false.  Germany had been the most technologically advanced country on earth since the middle of the 19th century.  And the most prosperous country in the first three decades of the 20th century was, of course, the United States.

"Countries and people all over the planet were marveling at the changes that had occurred, and praising Adolph Hitler. He was made Time magazines an of the year. It was at this time in history that the Jews became concerned this idea of national socialism would spread, destroying their international banking scam, so they literally declared war on Germany as a nation would. Yes, as a matter of historical fact despite Hitlers transfer agreement which gave Jews free passage to Palestine with all of their wealth, the Jews declared war on Germany and Hitler." 

They will believe anything, as long as it is a malignant, disgusting lie.

"Also undeniable is that communism was completely and wholly a Jew creation, all of the communist creators and promoters were Jews, as were almost all of the commissars and commandants of the Gulags."

A patent lie, but who'se counting?

"Number three, Adolph Hitler wanted peace."

Ha ha.

 "It is often falsely claimed that Hitler intentionally started world war two. What is seldom stated is the reasons why Hitler invaded Poland, the single military action often credited with starting the war. There was a region in Poland that was part of Germany called East Prussia, created when the allies sliced up Germany after world war one, which Germany lost ONLY as result of the US being dragged into the war by a false flag attack."

What, the Lusitania attack?  First of all, that was not a false flag operation, it was a German atrocity.  Second, anyone who knows anything about World War I is aware that the Lusitania sinking was not what got the US to enter the war, but discovery of communications between Germany and Mexico aimed at having Mexico attack the United States, in order to make it impossible for us to enter the war in Europe.  In return, Mexico was promised that they would be given Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.
"In the former German territories of Poland, Germans were being murdered and dispossessed of their property,"

Another malignant lie.  In fact, while we are on the subject of false flag operations, a little actual fact:

"The Gleiwitz incident in 1939 involved Reinhard Heydrich fabricating evidence of a Polish attack against Germany to mobilize German public opinion for war and to justify the war with Poland. Alfred Naujocks was a key organiser of the operation under orders from Heydrich. It led to the deaths of Nazi concentration camp victims who were dressed as German soldiers and then shot by the Gestapo to make it seem that they had been shot by Polish soldiers. This, along with other false flag operations in Operation Himmler, would be used to mobilize support from the German population for the start of World War II in Europe."

"...and East Prussia was cut off from Germany."

That's what happens when you start, and then lose, a war in which 50 million people are killed.

"Hitler simply wanted to take back what was rightfully Germany's and to stop the slaughter. He tried many times to find a diplomatic solution, and all efforts were ignored by the Poles, who were under communist control."

The Poles were not under Communist control, and Hitler did nothing to find a "diplomatic solution" to getting Poland to give up its territory. And let's remember that Hitler believed that all the land between Germany and the Urals was rightfully Germany's.

 "AT this time in history, Russia and Germany had a treaty between them, and had agreed how Poland would be dealt with. Stalin would later break this agreement. This is how world war two actually started. Austria wanted to unite with Germany."

Austria did not want to unite with Germany.  Stalin did not break the treaty; Hitler did, by sending three million troops into the Soviet Union.  However, the pact had given Stalin what he wanted, which was a chance to build up his military to the point where it could defeat Germany. The three years that the nonaggression pact held essentially won the war for the allies; it was the greatest mistake Hitler ever made.

"Soon afterwords, Britain and France declared war on Germany, and Germany invaded and successfully occupied France. The Jews made an agreement with Churchill that they would drag the US into the war , if Great Britain would insure they be given control of Palestine after Germany's defeat."

Nonsense.  Britain and France entered the war after Germany invaded Poland, because they had a treaty with Poland requiring them to do so if Germany invaded.  After Chamberlain's miserable cowardice at Munich over the German invasion of Czechoslovakia, Hitler thought he could pull the same trick again with Poland, and the British would refuse to honor their treaty there too.  He was wrong.

"Number four, the only reason world war 2 started was because the Jews were in control of Great Britain and Frances banking infrastructure and central banks, and had powerful influence and control over their governments."

The old lie.  It's all about the Jews and their money.

"The Jews declare war..."

Because an unarmed small group is always declaring war on the greatest military machine the world had ever seen.  But that's what they believe- the Jews really started World War II.  This simply makes clear how impossible it is to ever argue with them on the basis of facts.  These people have given themselves over to deranged hatred, and are essentially lost to the decent world.

"and shortly thereafter Great Britain and France declared war, it was simply the same declaration extending to the national governments in those countries they had control over. At the same time in history, Americans actually sided with Hitler and looked up to Germany."

Well, some Americans did.  Father Coughlin, Charles Lindbergh, Prescott Bush and a pretty good collection of Republican leaders, anyway.
Some Americans were for Hitler
And some were not.  Take your pick

"Americans were very reluctant and against entering the war on either side, but Roosevelt conspired with Stalin and Churchill to use the Jew media to create hatred of Hitler."

Nothing that Hitler had done up to 1941 could possibly have had that effect.

"At the same time Japan , who was allied with Hitler,had their energy imports cut off by the US. The US expanded their military into the Pacific regions close to Japan, provoking the attack. It is now known that the attack at Pearl harbor was allowed to happen, dragging the US into WW2."There is no doubt whatsoever that defenses were stood down to allow it to happen."

This is, of course, another preposterous historical lie.  The US cut off oil supplies to Japan, because they were using their military to perpetrate one of the most brutal campaigns of aggression against their neighbors that the world had ever seen.  And the story about Pearl Harbor is a long discredited lie.

"Soon after, a false flag sinking of a ship carrying munitions to Great Britain would be used to get Americans behind declaring war on Germany. AT this time Roosevelt "lend lease" was in full swing, where America was sending Great Britain billions in munitions."

Americans, who were behind the war except for a few traitors, like George W. Bush's grandfather, by the day after the Pearl Harbor attack, no matter how the Republican party tried to get the US to favor Germany.

"Number five, Hitler respected Great Britain's people and saw them as natural allies. He never wanted war with either Great Britain or France."

No one who knows a thing about Nazi Germany could believe that for a second.  Yeah, Hitler said that, as he was actively preparing to crush England.  And make the attempt he did, while still claiming that the English were his brothers, in the hopes of getting them to refuse to defend their country.  Luckily for the world, the heroin addicted Goering did such a miserable job in directing the aerial bombardment of England, that Hitler's attack failed.
A sign of Hitler's respect and love for Great Britain.

"Number six, Germany's invasion of Russia was partly inspired by an attempt to free the Russian people from Bolshevik oppression and to restore a government that wouldn't murder Russia's people, and primarily as result of military aggression in Eastern Europe by Stalin, who was expanding his sphere of influence westward towards Germany."

Bullshit.  Hitler's invasion of Russia was openly about reducing the world's entire Slavic population to slavery, and taking their land for Germany.  This is shown over and over again in his comments, and in the genocidal actions he took against Slavs in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.  Unless you can tell yourself that the German siege of Leningrad, which lasted over 800 days and resulted in the deaths of a million and a half Russians, or roughly three times the number of deaths suffered by the United States in the entire war, was aimed at freeing the Russian people.  And just in case you need more convincing, here are a few quotes from Hitler himself:

"By instinct, the Russian does not incline towards a higher form of society.. It is so easy for an animal to go back to its origins!" 
"We will take the southern Ukraine, especially the Crimea, and make it an exclusively Germany colony. There will be no harm in pushing out the population there now.. The German colonists will live on handsome, spacious farms.. what exists 30 to 40 kilometers out will be another world, in which the Russian remnants will live.."   
"We'll drive Asia back behind the Urals. No organised Russian state will be allowed to exist west of there.. they are brutes in a state of nature" 

Well, I guess this settles that point.

"There is no denying Hitlers war strategy was "a good offense is the best defense", and I agree personally."

Hitler's war strategy was, "a good offense is the best offense."  Stalin's strategy was, "kicking the crap out of them over and over again is the best offense."  Guess which one worked and which one didn't?

"Number seven, we lost the war."

I hadn't noticed that. Man, did I fall for the Jewish propaganda.  Here are a couple of photos to help you decide who won the war:
New York after the war
Berlin after the war

We report- you decide.

"No matter what the history books claim, the defeat of Hitler was the defeat of the people of the united States and Europe, who were now firmly under the Jews' control, and their boots."

Jewish boots.  Because so many Jews wear boots.

"All of the military's of these nations as well as the governments were now completely funded by Jews' central banks, and thus under their control. While these governments declared victory, that victory was actually over the peoples in the countries they controlled, and not just Germany as a country. World war two was fought for one reason and one reason only, to destroy the idea of nationalism, and this becomes critically important in understanding what is happening today. The USA is ripe for a nationalist takeover, all we need is a real leader to circumvent the "system" in place and to get power."

A leader like you-know-who.  Well, you got him.  Let's see how that works out for you.

"The Marxist had no idea the backlash that subverting morality and degrading the middle class would have in the USA, and how powerful the American people themselves could be in deciding their own fate. There is no more powerful force on the planet than nationalists in the USA, we decide the fate of the world through our actions. If we take back our country the Jews can be stopped.."

Which you did so admirably by electing the worst President in the history of the United States.  Man, George W. Bush must be thrilled not to have that albatross hanging around his neck any more.

"The Jews were afraid, they failed to get control of the "right" in the US , a people who are armed and prepared to use force to resist oppression, unlike Russia and Europe."

What, like the Bundys in Oregon?  All three dozen of them?  Standing up against the Jews' mighty armies?  As far as I can tell, all the right in this country is prepared to do is to dress their fat, out of shape bodies up in camo, and have a day of cosplay out in the woods.

Well, there it is, and I have to thank this unnamed author (Of course, I won't link to the article) for putting together all of the basic thoughts about World War II which I have seen in right wing thinking for at least a couple of decades (well, except for the holocaust denial thing, which of course this guy believes too.)  When I first encountered degenerate comments like this, they were the province of a very small minority, but things have really changed.  This is your Republican party today.  This is what it really thinks.  Do not be deluded by their hypocritical show of support for Israel; it is nothing but a tool for them to use to incite another World War.  I could have never believed that this kind of attitude could be accepted by so many people, but this is the reality we live with today.


Magpie said...

"a region in Poland that was part of Germany called East Prussia"

Interestingly the original 'Prussians' were not even Germans. They were Baltic tribes ravaged by a northern crusade in the 13th century, and that land was a battleground for centuries thereafter.
The Kingdom of Poland, which is a distinct thing from East Prussia, was founded in 1025 and the German Empire did not exist till 1871.
Germany's invasion in 1939 was in co-operation with the Soviets under the Molotov– Ribbentrop Pact. Three million Jews were murdered by the Nazis in Poland.

In 2014 Putin stated publically that there was nothing wrong in the Soviets co-operating with the Nazis in making this pact, having 5 years previously said it was 'immoral'... because he too is making history fluid and nothing but a tool for his own use. Putin, in impressive double-think, then simultaneously blames a lack of confrontation with Hitler on Britain and France.

Green Eagle said...

And let us remember that Germany was only unified in 1871. Before that, Prussia was its own country. So, if Germany got stripped of East Prussia in 1918, it had only been a part of Germany for less than 50 years.

Infidel753 said...

What an incredible steaming pile of alternative facts. All this "right-wing history" demonstrates is that if you insist that everything is secretly controlled by some malignant cabal behind the scenes, you can believe anything at all, since any evidence to the contrary just shows how fiendishly clever the manipulators are at deceit. The malignant cabal could be Jews or lizard people from Neptune and the effect would be the same.

It would almost be funny if it weren't for the immense amount of suffering that is being whitewashed. I've been to Kiev and Babi Yar. If the author of this bullshit were to go there and tell people that Hitler was trying to liberate the Slavs, he'd be lucky to avoid getting the crap beaten out of him.

KanaW said...

They can spin things so effectively I'm surprised they're not drilling holes into the ground.

Carl said...

Good work in condemning the liar.

However, I have something to say about your point number 7.

Look at pictures from Britain after the war. Look at images of London and Liverpool, or Hull, Aberdeen, and Southampton, or Coventry and Clydesbank.

Do they look like New York, or do they look like Berlin?

Are you going to say Britain won the war? (Remember, Britain declared war on Germany, and not the other way around.)

Green Eagle said...

First of all, the damage done to England itself was very minor compared to what happened (very rightfully) to Germany.

As for Britain declaring war on Germany, that only happened because the Germans started a massive invasion of Poland, with which Britain had a mutual defense pact. The fault for that was totally on the heads of the Germans, as only a fool or a racist would deny.

Carl said...

(1) If Britain had a defense pact with Poland, why didn't the UK ever declare war on the Soviet Union? According to you, the UK should have declared war on the USSR right after it invaded Poland on September 17.

Either it should have declared war on both the USSR and Germany, or declared war on neither.

(2) How could Poland ever have come to the defense of the United Kingdom? If it couldn't, then Britain's creating a mutual defense pact was, as I believe, a mistake on Britain's part.

Furthermore, since Britain stabbed the Polish government-in-exile in the back and handed the country over to the Soviet Union, Britain failed to live up to its part of the bargain.

Green Eagle said...

Carl, you know what? Not only are you a congenital liar, but it is obvious that you do not know a damned thing about World War II, except the malignant anti-Semitic Nazi crap you have absorbed from the sewers of the internet. I bet virtually every person that reads this blog knows ten times what you know about World War II. I'm not here to educate you about history, because you wouldn't listen to a thing that was actually true. So, spout away if you want; I'm not going to waste my time replying any more to your ignorant, hateful garbage.