Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Public Service Announcement from Green Eagle

Authorities have announced that sex offender Matthew Ezekiel Stager has eluded authorities during his transportation from prison to a halfway house.  He may be back in custody by now, but Green Eagle would like you to take a good look at him, as it would be so easy for him to blend into his surroundings and not be noticed.
He is due to receive counselling at the halfway house for strategies for finding a job.  I'm thinking maybe TV weatherman or the new Trump press spokesman.

Green Eagle graciously acknowledges your thanks for his public-minded action.


Magpie said...

Well I'm sure he will straighten right up and become a model citizen.
And rape, murder and consume hardly anyone.

Fully qualified doctors who happen to have been born in Syria and just want a peaceful life being productive members of their new community on the other hand ... irredeemable deportees.

Infidel753 said...

Wow, a guy who actually deserved to be stuck with a name like "Ezekiel".

Green Eagle said...

Maybe he turned out that way because his parents named him that.

Marc said...

I'm thinking he'd be great in tRump's FDA.