Saturday, November 12, 2016


From the New York Post:

"The universe is set to be destroyed in a “big rip” that will suck the whole of reality into a dreadful nightmarish vortex of nothingness."

See- the United States is just a step ahead of the pack.


Poll P. said...

It actually sounds restful after what we've been through.

Green Eagle said...

I want to note that I received a disgusting, anti-Semitic post from Lev, which I of course will not publish, but which I will mention because he is a hateful human being.

Big Ezra said...

Lev is a Jew who supports Israel with all his heart. I have no idea how you can possibly call someone like that an anti-Semite.

First Hans Adler, who's a Gentile, then Lev, who's a Jew. Both support Israel. Both are ardent Zionists.

I guess Zionism is anti-Semitic in your world. Please enlighten me.

Green Eagle said...

Ezra, you didn't see what he said, so you don't know. I interpreted his remark as having a strong anti-Semitic overtone. And no, I am not going to promote such a thing by allowing it on my blog.

Sam240 said...

Ezra -

If it's the same thing Lev's been annoying me with, he's saying that the Trump election is good for Israel, and, thus, for the Jews. Be thankful you're not related to him. (Green Eagle - am I correct, or has he found something different to annoy you with?)

Lev is not motivated by anti-Semitism. However, as his past comments have shown, he adores the late Meir Kahane and, like most bigots, not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Lev wants Israel to be free of Arabs.

Let's just say there are people who think a Trump presidency would give Israel a good chance to get rid of Palestinians. Lev is one of them, which is why he's been gloating over Trump's election. There are no differences between Lev's position regarding Gentiles in Eretz Yisrael (as he describes it) and Stormfront's position regarding Jews in the United States. Hence the strong anti-Semitic overtones.

What Lev's been telling me isn't anti-Semitic, but I will agree with Green Eagle that it is ultra-disgusting.

Green Eagle said...

Fair enough, Sam. Not an unreasonable way to put it. I do feel, however, that ascribing the beliefs of a small minority of Israelis to all Jews is as anti-Semitic as a lot of what is in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I've lived in Israel, as I have noted, and I believe only a tiny minority of them subscribe to the sort of racist world view that Trump holds. Yes, the unceasing Arab hostility has to some degree broken them, until they were willing to make the very poor choice to elect a horrible right wing leader, but anyone who thinks that furthering that leader's agenda is good for Israelis or Jews is horribly mistaken.