Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Well, I am not going to moan about what happened today, but I want to place some blame.

The main blame for this belongs to the Democrats.

The Democrats who let Ronald Reagan commit treason by cutting a deal with the Iranian Mullahs to hold on to the hostages until after his election, at which point the Democrats just shut their mouths and took it.

The Ronald Reagan who committed treason again, when he gave 2,000 missiles to those same Iranian Mullahs, for which the Democrats allowed him and all of his people to escape any consequences at all.

George W. Bush, who was not elected, but placed in the White House by corruption in the Supreme Court, and by the criminal acts of his own brother, and who was accepted as the legitimate President by the Democrats, leading to a near depression, and a three trillion dollar war.

George Bush and Dick Cheney, who committed one of the worst war crimes since World War II, by invading an innocent country and killing a million civilians, who again were not held accountable in any way by the Democrats.

And all of the rest of the Republican party, who have bred an ignorant, violent base of racist bastards who have no right to call themselves Americans, while the Democrats spent a quarter century pretending that what the Republicans were doing was just politics as usual.

The Democrats that just stood there while the Republican smear machine wrecked the reputation of every decent Democrat who tried to stand up to them.

The Democrats that said next to nothing while a tool of Russia ran for President, and now seems to have won.

The Democrats that didn't care about Social Security, the 40 hour work week, Medical care for all, civil rights, or any other damned thing that Democrats accomplished over the years.

It was just too partisan, too mean, to speak the truth, while the Republicans lived on lies.  It was just too partisan to talk about decency, while the Republicans bred a maggot's nest of haters.  And here we are.

I have said this so many times:  There is only one thing the Democrats need to do to win, and that is to tell the truth about what is going on in this country, loudly and every chance they get.

But I guess that was just too much to ask for.

The American experiment is now over.

Even the Germans and the Italians did not voluntarily elect dictators to be their leaders, but the stupid, vicious Americans have done so.  We don't deserve a decent country any more, and believe me, it will be a very short time until we don't have a scrap of one left.


And to those who are looking to the future, I have this suggestion.  The first action we should take is to destroy the current leadership of the Democratic party- all the Bidens and Hillarys and Schumers and Pelosis-all the cowards who let this happen, and all of their miserable consultants and their pathetic, cowering campaign advisors, and start over again.  Maybe we should let Bernie run the party for the next few years; and we can keep a few characters like Sherrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren.  The rest of them are too afraid of losing their own power to speak the truth, and they are less than worthless to us.  On the scrap heap with all of them, and let's have a party worthy of the heritage of FDR.  Because that sure is not what we have now.


JosephP said...

Hillary invoking Reagan on the campaign trail, sucking up to his phony lying memory.

Hillary endorsing right winger Mark Kirk and snubbing liberal war hero Tammy Duckworth.

Hillary using a private server even though she knew full well it was wrong but did it anyway.

Yes, Democrats did this. The hell with Pelosi, Bayh, Emmanuel, Hoyer, and especially the Clintons and their corporacrat triangulating asses.

Zog said...

"Even the Germans and the Italians did not voluntarily elect dictators to be their leaders, but the stupid, vicious Americans have done so."

Are you sure? Trump said the election was rigged, and that might have been the one time he was telling the truth. (I remember one Olbermann comment - when Trump accuses his opponent of doing something bad, he's invariably doing it himself.)

Clinton had big leads early on election night in North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, and Pennsylvania. Somehow, over the night, Trump managed to take over those states. This is despite the fact that the more populous counties take longer to compile their totals, which would be a structural advantage for Democrats.

Did the Russian government somehow hack into the voting machines? It wouldn't surprise me if they did.

The New York Times has Trump winning the Electoral College easily - and Clinton still winning the popular vote by over 1%. Something smells fishy.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling terrible.

The evil one won.

Hans Adler.

Anonymous said...

We should thank Trump... he has destroyed the facade of both parties. Now its up to us to rebuild our party from the ground up the way it SHOULD be not how the centrists think it should be. We have a long road ahead of us, but when we are done we will have a party to call our own again.

Grung_e_Gene said...

HRC is going to have accepy martyrhood for liberals when Trump has her artested.