Sunday, November 6, 2016

I Told You So

Yeah, yeah, I know, not nice to gloat, but here is something I wrote in June, at a period when the press was pretending to cover the Presidential race fairly:

"I must warn people of a phenomenon that I have observed for numerous elections now, but which I have never seen mentioned by a single other person, left or right.  It has been customary for the press to have a brief period before the conventions when they make a feint of presenting some kind of modestly honest coverage of the candidates, before shifting back to their unrelenting support of the Republican, no matter what an incompetent, lying con man he clearly is.  This is done so that, in later years, this can be cited as some sort of proof that the press was even-handed.  In fact, this period represents the point at which committed, politically involved people have virtually all made their choices, and politically uninvolved, low information voters are still tuned out.  It is a safe time to pretend to be fair, before getting back to their flacking for the party of the rich; do not delude yourself into thinking that anything different is going to happen this time around, no matter how horrible a Trump Presidency would be for the country."

And in fact, far from having learned a lesson from the damage they have done with their lying, the mainstream press has set a world's record this year in corrupt disingenuousness.

My advice, if you ever, ever start to think that the press in this country is capable of fair reporting, smash your head into the wall a few times, like Dobby the House Elf, and then get back to reality.

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Marc said...

Go to the BBC and other places outside the US to get good coverage. Mother Jones is also a good organization. There are still folks who believe the news industry is the same one in which produced Walter Cronkite. Those folk are dying out,, since his is no longer a household name, and there are other sources of information than the tv or newspaper that voters can access.