Monday, November 7, 2016


The battle against ISIS to capture Mosul seems to have vanished from the news lately, probably because portraying it as a gigantic humiliation for Obama required more lying than even Donald Trump is capable of, but let's not forget that the world continues to exist outside of Hillary's E-mails.

Here is a Google Earth image of Mosul:
It is easy to see on this image the urbanized area of Mosul in the bottom left quarter of the photo.  I have marked in pink the three areas where fighting appears to be going on at the moment, Ba'ashiqua, Bazwaia and Khazna Tappa.  As you can see, these represent the main built up areas to the east of Mosul.  Fighting is particularly strong right now in Ba'ashiqua, where ISIS is resorting to various forms of poison gas, car bombs and other disgusting tactics to put off their inevitable defeat.  There are thought to be no more than 100 ISIS soldiers left in Ba'ashiquah, but they must be eliminated there and in the other built up areas, and control of territory established, before the assault on the main urbanized area of Mosul can begin.

This is a long and painful process, against fanatics without the slightest sense of human decency, but it is being won step by step, in a performance by the Iraqi army and its allies that appears to be vastly better than we have seen in the past.  It is, so far, a success story, not the humiliating failure that Trump and his traitorous cohort have been rooting for all along.

May I add that a look at this map reveals the idiocy and dishonesty of Trump's claim that Obama was an incompetent fool for not keeping the attack on Mosul a secret.  Controlling the territory around Mosul is taking weeks, as all the real experts said it would, and is there a sentient person in the world that cannot figure out that this offensive could not be kept a secret from the ISIS commanders in Mosul during that period?  Do you think that, maybe, they would have not noticed that they were losing battles for territory just a couple of miles from their city?

Once again, the staggering dishonesty of Trump and the Republicans is revealed.  Of course, no big deal, since they reveal that almost every time they open their mouths; but it is refreshing once in a while to step outside their polluted fantasy and see what is really happening in the world.

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