Monday, November 28, 2016

Another Sovereign Citizen Acts as Expected

From the Tampa Bay Times, this edifying story:

"A man was arrested in Pasco County on charges he held a woman against her will for more than three months after she came from Texas to study a group he founded that purports to help reunite children with their parents...

Davis, 48, is a sovereign citizen"

But of course he is.  In case you were wondering, here he is:
 As you know, I like to keep an eye on Sovereign Citizens, as their many acts of violence in the last couple of decades marks them as a pool of very dangerous right wing maniacs.  Well, I've kept my eye on this one long enough.  Judging from his picture, he is just about as short of a functional brain as most of these people are.  Well, at least this one will be in prison for the duration of the Trump administration.

A spokesman for the group had this to say:  "(Group member Thomas) Nelson said members of the group don't call themselves sovereign citizens because they disagree with the term, believing a person can't be both sovereign and a citizen at the same time.

"What we reject are statutes, codes and ordinances," Nelson said."

Statutes, codes and ordinances.  That's all they reject.  You got a problem with that?  After all, they are still fine with orders given at the point of a gun- as long as they have the guns and are giving the orders.


Magpie said...

Sovereign citizenship is the equivalent of believing in Santa instead of your parents and taking the real gifts regardless.

There are a number of genuinely stateless people in the world. Short of imminent threat of death I cannot imagine a more scary situation.

If you desire the convenience of not being precisely where everything is exploding, burning, sinking, starving or dying... citizenship of somewhere nicer is all that can save you and it's strictly a package deal.

Zosimus the Heathen said...

Sadly this sickness seems to be spreading outside the US, if one of our own examples of this insanity is anything to go by. Apparently, there's a fairly infamous Australian sovereign citizen called Peter Andrew Nolan (who punctuates his name in a bizarre fashion, as I believe these folk are wont to do, and insists that anyone who uses it pays him an ounce of gold (or somesuch nonsense) for the privilege of doing so). Among other charming things, he's apparently a wife beater and Holocaust denier (probably nothing unusual for a sovereign citizen nutjob), who's so loopy he's been banned from various "men's rights" sites, message boards, and blogs, whose creators/moderators consider him too crazy, even for them! The last I heard, he's bouncing around Europe, doing his best to stay one step ahead of various countries' respective law enforcement bodies. Lovely fellow.

Green Eagle said...

As is usual with right wingers, "Sovereign" means mainly not having to pay taxes, with a side helping of ignoring any law they don't like. If you follow these people, you would think they are as loony a bunch of clowns as you will ever encounter, except that they are the source of constant violence around the country. This is only one example.