Friday, November 25, 2016

Election? Not What I Would Call It

Let me bring your attention to this piece in the Washington Post, outlining the massive effect that lyinog propaganda, channeled through Russia, and willingly circulated by both the Trump campaign, and (far more dangerously) the mainstream press in our country, and abetted by openly subversive behavior by the head of the FBI, were responsible for Donald Trump's victory.  Please take a moment to read it.

Republicans, after Obama's election, have refused to recognize him as their President, despite the fact that there was not a single reason to say that, except that he was black and they were racists.  Now, however, it is being portrayed as a sin to fail to capitulate and accept Trump as our leader, despite the clear fact that he would have never have been elected without his collaboration with the spy service and propaganda apparatus of a hostile, dictator-led foreign country; i.e. his treason.  There is no reason why any decent American should recognize Trump as President, and every reason not to, if we care about living in a democratic country.

Not my President; never will be.  The evil tool of a foreign government that has stolen our electoral process, and who is okay with their project to destroy us.  No decent American will ever willingly accept that.

And let me just add that the Washington Post, for decades one of the worst practitioners of what has been little more than enabling the Republican party to do its worst, has, since its acquisition by Jeff Bezos, become the major media outlet most likely to allow the truth to sneak through onto its pages.  I suggest you keep an eye on its coverage.  After years of being horrified at what it has perpetrated in the name of journalism, my wife and I just purchased an online subscription.  The Post, and Bezos personally, are already being savaged for what they are doing.  I hope they are able to stand up to the pressure.

And I hope none of us will ever weaken and allow ourselves to forget exactly why it is that Donald Trump is about to move into the White House.

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Dave Dubya said...

An election would be determined by the majority of votes.

When there's a GOP operative heading the FBI, one sided Russian hacking, partisan shills in corporate media "news" indoctrinating enough unwitting, uninformed, fearful, hateful, or simply duped Americans...And over two million more votes for the loser, then it would be called a Right Wing Coup.

Welcome to Trumpistan.